Skylight Inn BBQ: Ayden, NC


with Matt Osier
Savory Spice Team
July 29, 2016
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Skylight Inn BBQ: Ayden, NC

Our fifth and final stop of this 26th day of ‎chasingbbq ended way better then I imagined it would. When you're chasing down a legendary joint like Skylight Inn (Pete Jones BBQ) and it's later in the day, I've learned to have lower expectations. "The man" tends to have gone home for the day. Often the pits are emptied. And you're playing a risky game of being the mosquito (if you read my Scott's post from yesterday that'll make more sense)! If you can pick two of them to go your way...you want that 'cue and that convo...and that's what we got!

We weren't the last customers to get served like we were yesterday, but we were within the last five or six. We ordered up a medium whole hog BBQ tray, which consisted of two paper trays and a slice of bread. In the first paper tray was a perfectly chopped pile of tender, succulent swine that had bits of the crispy skin mixed in. And in the second..a pile of simple, yet fresh, flavorful slaw. Oh and the bread...that's cracking cornbread..chewy and tasty.

As we were about to dive into our BBQ tray, Sam Jones the owner and pitrmaster there walked out and the next thing I know he's sitting at our table talking whole hog barbecue. What a way to finish up a 5 stop day having a convo with Sam and eating his 'cue while we learned more about barbecue.

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