Slap's BBQ: Kansas City, KS


with Matt Osier
Savory Spice Team
September 30, 2016
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Slap's BBQ: Kansas City, KS

My first stop in KC was one I've been looking forward to for quite a while: Squeal Like a Pig BBQ (otherwise known as Slap's BBQ). I heard about this joint when I was last in KC scouting locations for putting a Savory here (which we did! Savory Spice - Brookside Kansas City, MO) and the early reviews were very high. They weren't open the last time I was here, so I made sure I'd be there on a day they'd be open this time.

When I arrived, I met Joe & Mike Pearce, the two brothers that are Slap's BBQ. It's clear right out of the gate that these guys are living the dream. They're both great personalities and just happy, happy guys to be 'cuing it up every day for a living. They also both look the part...I came in third on beards. They know barbecue as well and have some unique ways of smoking...a style that is different than anything I encountered elsewhere. Sometimes unique doesn't mean good, but that's clearly not the case here. The word has spread and there's a line out the door at opening every day.

Joe sat with us while we ate and filled us in on their history, provided some interesting insights into KC BBQ history, and offered up a pro tip. Regarding the 'cue I waited 8 months to try, it did not disappoint. We ordered a sampler that came with more than the normal amount of samples...there were ribs, burnt ends, pulled pork, turkey and sausage along with some mighty tasty wings. The proteins were paired with four creatively flavored sides: baked beans, cheesy corn, potato casserole, and slaw. The highlight for me and my Savory chasing crew (Joe and George) were the barky burnt ends, those tender, flavor packed ribs, the 50/50 wings, the decadent potato casserole and the cheesy corn.

I'll put it simply...it was worth the wait! Check them and us out in KC! #‎chasingbbq

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