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The Brisket House: Houston, TX


with Mike Johnston
April 24, 2016
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The Brisket House: Houston, TX

Meet Wayne Kammerl (pictured below), the owner of The Brisket House. Wayne had been in the restaurant business for a long time, but about 5 years ago he followed his heart and opened his own barbecue joint. He is different than most of the other barbecue guys in a couple ways. The first is that, having the restaurant background that he does, there is a business sense about him that dictates many of the choices he makes. He's interested in having a place that people come to regularly because the 'cue is tasty and the price is manageable. As a business owner myself, I understand how difficult that balancing act is. The second is that he's willing to push the boundaries of Central Texas BBQ from a flavor profile perspective. Salt and pepper are still critical, but a little garlic and onion finds its way into his cue too.

I enjoyed talking with him not only because it was obvious that he is a good guy who cares of his employees in that family kind of way, but also because he's a bit nostalgic. That nostalgia is apparent in the tray of cue he put in front of me complete with a hunk of cheddar cheese. The cheese with barbecue is something that he did with his grandfather when he was a kid. They'd pick up some when they got their barbecue outside the local meat market and go sit under a tree and enjoy bite after bite with their cue and maybe a little summer sausage. Come on now, that's awesome!

Along with the cheese, he includes a pickle which is a throwbackk to his days of running another BBQ joint in College Station and his way of paying homage to that time in his life. I have to say I enjoyed the combo very much. I also enjoyed the brisket, but the ribs and potato salad were my favorites. I missed the beef rib, which I hear he does quite well, but hopefully I'll get another chance to stop by and swap a few stories with Wayne. I sure hope I find him playing dominos at a table in his place...hopefully with room for one more! #‎chasingbbq

Wayne Kammerl
Wayne Kammer, owner of The Bristket House.

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