Thomason's Barbecue: Henderson, KY


with Matt Osier
Savory Spice Team
August 31, 2016
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Thomason's Barbecue: Henderson, KY

BONUS STOP! I made it to two more stops yesterday, but again I'm posting them the next morning because I'm doing a fair amount of driving. My third stop was at a joint called Thomason's Barbecue in Henderson, KY. As I pulled up I could smell and see the smoke, which has generally been a good sign while I've been #‎chasingbbq. Outside the building I started up a convo with a local guy named Danny. He's has been coming here his whole life and assured me I was in for some seriously good 'cue (check out a pic we took together to read about an exchange that we made).

Inside I met the easy going owner Frank Gibson and bunch of his friendly staff...for such a small place they just kept coming through the swinging kitchen door. Locals and out-of-towners formed a steady flow with almost all looking to pick up some mutton, baked beans and dip.

What is dip? Glad you asked...it's a thin, brownish in color, spiced right sauce that everything I ordered came...well...dipped in. I has a vinegar base, but not one that is pronounced...the balance of flavors made it, to me, something amazingly unique.

Along with the pulled mutton, beans and dip I also ordered up a rib, pulled pork and slaw and was given a complimentary sample of "chip", which is their terms for what others might call bark. The difference being that it a mixture of mutton and pork bark, along with some finely chopped of each and more of that crazy good dip. I could have eaten just that and been totally happy. That said, the mutton was almost roast beef like without any noticeable pieces of fat. The beans had incredible flavor and the slaw was fresh with a bit of sweetness.

This joint was a real find and I suggest when you go there you try the chip and dip and a nice helping of those beans. Get there early though, the chip seems to be what the local snap up...not to worry though everything else will make it worth the trip...it sure did for me!

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