Staff Showdown: Deviled Eggs


with Emily Bishop
Savory Spice Team
March 29, 2018
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Staff Showdown: Deviled Eggs

With Easter coming, we know many households will soon have an excess of hard boiled eggs on hand. So naturally, we decided to have a friendly deviled egg competition at our headquarters in Denver. Read below to find out who had the most egg-cellent recipe and then try out the recipes at home for post-Easter brunch and as appetizers for your springtime dinner parties!

The Judges

Founders Mike and Janet Johnston along with Marketing Manager, Molly Martin, make for a judging dream team. These professional testers have eggs-quisite taste and took this competition very seriously. Judging was based on both taste and appearance with each judge giving a score of 1-10 in each category.

Judges Molly, Mike, and Janet

The Rules

The rules were simple: create the best deviled egg recipe using Savory Spices and a set selection of standard add-ins provided by the Test Kitchen like mayo, mustard, and a sampling of vinegars. Each contestant got 5 whole eggs to create their recipes.

The Competitors

Shannon, Staff Accountant
Entry: Cambridgeshire Eggs

Shannon wanted to have a “different take on traditional.” She chose Cambridge Celery Seasoning because “the spices that are in it are very traditional.” She used Bucktown Brown to give it a different twist and added minced lemon peel, which “brightened it up a bit.”

Shannon’s Secret Ingredients

Cambridge Celery Seasoning- ¼ tsp.

Bucktown Brown Mustard & Honey Rub- ¼ tsp.

Minced Lemon Peel- 1/6 tsp.

Mayo- 4 tsp.

Garnish with Dill WeedMinced Lemon Peel

Shannon's Eggs
Shannon's Cambridgeshire Eggs

Matt, Digital Marketing Manager
Entry: Vietnamese Curry Eggs

Matt was inspired by curry because he “enjoys curry deviled eggs and wanted to utilize a different curry other than yellow curry.”

Matt’s Secret Ingredients

Vietnamese Sweet Lemon Curry- 2 tsp.

Mayo- 2 Tbsp.

Garnish with Black Sesame Seeds

Matt's Eggs
Matt's Vietnamese Curry Eggs

Ariana, Sr. Marketing Associate
Entry: Asian Style Eggs

Ariana “wanted to do something different,” and she “cooks a lot of Asian food at home.” When creating her recipe, her first thought was that “horseradish is very common in deviled eggs and wasabi would make a great substitute.”

Ariana’s Secret Ingredients

Asian Style Sprinkle- ½ tsp.

Wasabi- 1 tsp.

Soy Sauce- 1tsp.

Rice Vinegar- 1 tsp.

Mayo- 2 Tbsp.

Garnish with Asian Style Sprinkle

Ariana's Eggs
Ariana's Asian Style Eggs

Christine, Director of Retail Operations
Entry: Coastal Eggs

Christine's recipe was inspired by “growing up on the east coast and missing the flavors of seafood.”

Christine’s Secret Ingredients

Regular Yellow Mustard Powder- ½ tsp.

Celery Seeds- ¼ tsp.

Coastal Bay Seafood Seasoning- ½ tsp.

Half & Half- Splash

Lemon Juice- Splash

Malt Vinegar- Splash

Mayo- 2 ½ Tbsp.

Garnish with Coastal Bay Seafood SeasoningSalt & Pepper Tableside Seasoning, and crushed potato chips

Chris' Eggs
Christine's Coastal Eggs

Dan, Test Kitchen Chef
Entry: Avocado Chicharron Eggs

Dan was inspired by his love for chiles and Savory’s original creation, Chicharron Salt. His spice selections were “an easy first choice, because like paprika, chili powder is easy to sprinkle on top and is bright in color.”

Dan’s Secret Ingredients

Mild Chili Powder- ½ tsp.

Salt- 1/8 tsp.

Fine Black Malabar Pepper- 1/8 tsp.

Avocado- 1 half

Red wine vinegar- ½ tsp.

Mayo- 1 Tbsp.

Garnish with Chicharron Salt and Mild Chili Powder

Dan's Eggs
Dan's Avocado Chicharron Eggs

Nadia, Store Support Coordinator
Entry: Chimichurri Eggs

Nadia’s eggs were inspired by a prior recipe she made for her daughter’s Halloween party. She wanted the eggs “to look crazy.” Not only were they delicious, “they were kid friendly, which was awesome.”

Nadia’s Secret Ingredients

Chimichurri Dry Marinade- 2 tsp.

Garlic Salt- To taste

Mexican Oregano- 1 tsp.

Red wine vinegar- Splash

Mayo- 1 ½ Tbsp.

Garnish with Parsley

Nadia's Eggs
Nadia's Chimichurri Eggs

Ashlee, Test Kitchen Chef
Entry: Tomato & Herbs Eggs

As a professional chef, Ashlee made sure to research what flavors pair well with eggs. She discovered tomato pairs well with eggs and said, “you know what, that’s right!” Ashlee also chose to use Fines Herbs to add flavor and color, and opted to “pull out Freeze Dried Chives to garnish with.”

Ashlee’s Secret Ingredients

Fines Herbs- 1 tsp.

Tomato Powder- ½ tsp.

Fine Black Malabar Pepper- To taste

Salt- A pinch

White Wine Vinegar- ½ tsp.

Mayo- 4 Tbsp.

Garnish with Fines Herbs

Ashlee's Eggs
Ashlee's Tomato & Herbs Eggs

Judges Picks

While all eggs were delicious and unique, each judge had a personal favorite.

Co-founder, Mike Johnston
Mike judging



Mike’s Top Pick: Ashlee’s Tomato & Herbs Eggs because “they were balanced and texturally the best.” Mike said that it “wasn’t just about the spices, it was the creaminess of whatever she used” - and she did use almost twice as much mayo as the other contestants, something to keep in mind when making your own deviled eggs at home.


Co-founder, Janet Johnston
Janet judging 




Janet’s Top Pick: Dan’s Avocado Chicharron Eggs because she “loves deviled eggs and guacamole and it was a perfect marriage between the two.”



Marketing Manager, Molly Martin
Molly judging




Molly’s Top Pick: Nadia’s Chimichurri Eggs, because “they were bright and unique, but still had that classic creamy texture.” 


The Results

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. And the winner was…

Appearance: Ashlee’s Tomato & Herbs Eggs took top score

Taste: It was a tie between Nadia’s Chimichurri Eggs and Ariana’s Asian Style Eggs

With the votes tallied up, the competition was close. The top pick won out by just a half a point. And the final results were:

#1: Ariana’s Asian Style Eggs
#2: Ashlee’s Tomato & Herbs Eggs
#3: Nadia’s Chimichurri Eggs


Even though a winner was declared, all the entries were tasty options. Try them all and then have fun experimenting with other spices in your next batch of eggs.


Do you have a secret deviled egg ingredient? Let us know in the comments below, and if you make a batch, be sure to share it with us on social media by using #savoryspiceshop!

Comments on this Article

(guest), on March 30, 2018

From Matt's Mom - Matt makes the best deviled eggs, he should have won! :D

Emily Bishop (registered user) on March 30, 2018

Matt's Mom- I tried Matt's deviled eggs and I agree! They are indeed delicious.

(guest), on March 30, 2018

I see I have some new receipes ,, Lots of new spices

(guest), on March 30, 2018

The Easter Bunny will be hopping with joy when I leave him a basket full of Vadouvan Gold Saffron Salt Deviled Eggs ;-P

(guest), on March 30, 2018

Where are the recipes?

Emily Bishop (registered user) on March 30, 2018

Each person's secret ingredients were mixed with yolks from 5 eggs! I encourage you to try them all :)

(guest), on March 30, 2018

Such a great article! Just heading to my friends place and wondering what i was gonna bring for a couple hockey games in a row. Tons of chicharron stuff down here in Colombia so i'll have fun with that one. Obviously no use of my product in any of these recipes :-/

(guest), on March 30, 2018

Brilliant - every single one of you! I will probably have to start with Dan's combination, and then work my way through the rest. Great inspiration for a family favorite!

Emily Bishop (registered user) on March 30, 2018

Thank you all for the compliments! Glad to hear you're enjoying this blog.

(guest), on March 30, 2018

Recipe please beyond just the amounts. How many eggs for example??????? Great ideas but finish with recipes please.

(guest), on March 30, 2018

I’m going to make every. one. of. these. ????????????????????????????????

(guest), on March 30, 2018

I had to count the eggs to determine the proportions for the recipes. Request: List the number of eggs up front. There were 9 halves in each pic but one.

(guest), on March 30, 2018

These all sound delicious but you have to top with Smoked Spanish Sweet Paprika. I can’t seem to stop eating any deviled eggs topped with that smoky sweet taste.

(guest), on March 30, 2018

This was a fun contest. I enjoyed reading all the recipes. They all sound delicious. The pictures were great. Thanks.

(guest), on March 31, 2018

Going to try a couple of these with spices I have bought from you; never imagined them with deviled eggs. Definitely stepped up from my normal curry or smoked paprika eggs. I agree with the other guest Smoked Spanish sweet paprika is a top go-to for the eggs. But you have piqued my imagination!!

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