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This Week, Eat Like a Shark


with Ashlee Redger
Test Kitchen Chef
July 20, 2018
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This Week, Eat Like a Shark

It’s the most exciting time of the year again—and no, I’m not just talking about summer. It’s the magical week where everyone comes together… for sharks! We’re celebrating Shark Week by eating like the sharks do: with all things seafood! Here are some of our favorite jaw-dropping recipes that we think are pearls.


Keep it Swimming

Not to rock the boat, but if you aren’t marinating your shrimp, you may be missing out on an easy step to add flavor. Pyramid Peak Lemon Pepper and California Citrus Rub team up for grilled Citrus Marinated Shrimp Skewers. Thread onion or tomato onto the skewers with shrimp, or use zucchini, broccoli, or cauliflower for your veggies. For a Cuban Island twist, try this marinade and serve with a quick mango and cilantro salsa for an entree that makes waves.

Add a Crust

Sure, there are tons of different takes for surf and turf, but have you ever heard of seasoning your surf with your turf? Get a few long fillets of trout and crust them with our one-of-a-kind Chicharron Salt. It adds saltiness (duh), but also an all-around savory umami flavor and a hint of acidic heat. Add cornmeal to the crust and fry until golden and crispy—no soggy fish here!

Our Sesame Coconut Shrimp uses a unique method of coating shrimp with egg whites, cornstarch, and nutty Sesame Seeds before quickly frying and tossing in an orange sauce.

No need to go overboard for a delicious dinner, though. Everything Crusted Salmon is one of my personal favorites and all you need to do to enjoy it is sprinkle, roast, and serve.

Accept the Challenge

When it comes to an interesting recipe, you don’t have to reel yourself in. If you’re looking to sink your teeth into a new cooking method, seafood can be an awesome place to start. Pearl Street Cedar Plank Salmon uses a Cedar Grilling Plank to provide earthy woodiness to sweet and smoky spiced salmon. Go from North to Central America by searing shrimp for tacos on a Himalayan Salt Plate and serving it with Cotija cheese and a creamy cilantro slaw.

Another fun method for cooking seafood is called en papillote. Despite its fancy-sounding name, this is actually one of the simplest methods you can try. Lay fish fillets and some of your favorite veggies on parchment paper. Amp up the flavor with the addition of capers, sliced citrus, aromatics…get creative! Then roll parchment into a packet and bake. Flavorful steam builds up in the parchment while baking for an all-in-one meal that is worth its salt. This dish hits the nail on the (hammer)head.

Sauce it Up

There are so many options when it comes to cooking fish and shellfish. Sometimes the best option is to keep your seafood simple and serve it with a killer sauce to complement the flavor. Coastal Cali Butter Sauce is bright and garlicky with a touch of sweetness from Coastal Cali Fennel Pollen Rub.

Cherry Creek Lemon Dill Sauce is a great white sauce that keeps it classic and creamy, perfect for pairing with seared scallops, salmon, or even as an alternative to tartar sauce on fried fish.


From the Atlantic to the Pacific, as far as seafood blends go, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Comment below and let us know what your favorite pairing is—or show us using #savoryspiceshop on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Comments on this Article

(guest), on July 22, 2018

They all look like great recipes and wonderful pictures. Wish my husband like seafood.

(guest), on July 22, 2018

Love your spices but wish you would have some recipes for oysters

(guest), on July 22, 2018

Oysters are for raw.

(guest), on July 22, 2018

Thank you for the great sounding seafood recipes, they all sound great!

(guest), on July 22, 2018

If I was a shark~~~ I would eat tons of Kansas City Strip Steak Seasoning on Halibut and Pomegranate & Barrier Reef Glazed Salmon all summer long! ;-P

(guest), on July 30, 2018

Hello Savory Spice Shop. Just need to mention that I would be nowhere without your French Tarragon as well as your Cantanzaro Herbs. Thanks for everything!

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