Welcome to the New Savory Website


with Janet Johnston
October 3, 2012
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Welcome to the New Savory Website

We’ve been working on our new website for the past year and could not be more excited to finally launch it! Our first site was built by Janet over 8 years ago after taking a 3 day course in HTML. It did its duty well for many years, but it’s time we stepped it up a notch. We’ve added functionality to create a better, more functional and hopefully exciting shopping experience for you. Below are some of the highlights. If you have comments, questions or any feedback, please let us know. Use the Contact Us form and choose ‘Website’ to send your comments to. We hope you enjoy the new site!


  • Easy to navigate shopping categories down the left hand side of the page.
  • Ability to buy product refills, just as you can in a physical Savory Spice Shop, reducing cost and waste.
  • Ability to purchase products that were not available online before, such as bottles and jars, spice racks and some spice ware.
  • Larger, more detailed photographs of the products.
  • More ideas for you listed along the right hand column to quickly get you to products that you may be looking for.
  • Help icons to make sure you know what you are buying and how it will arrive.


  • The new Spice Rack functionality to make browsing more visually exciting.  Click on the bottom of the spice rack to open it, then scroll through the different levels to browse the products.  Click on the product you are interested in to go to that product's page and buy.
  • Full product list from A-Z for those of you looking for a straight forward, no ‘bells and whistles’ shopping experience.

User Accounts

  • Ability to create user accounts to save your contact information and make future purchasing faster and easier.
  • Ability to tag a Savory Spice Shop location as your ‘Home Shop’, pre-populating the Contact Us form to send to that shop and ensuring you get that shop’s event information first in our newsletter, Simply Savory News.

Social Media

  • Quick links to Savory Spice Shop social media sites in the right hand navigation.
  • Ability to quickly share information with your friends through social media icons at the top of product, location and recipe pages.


  • All recipes listed with the ability to easily purchase the Savory Spice Shop ingredients to make it.
  • Ability to review a recipe and see reviews and tips from other customers.




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