Ice cream? More Like Sp-Ice Cream!


with Samuel Garrett
Spice Trainer
July 10, 2014
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Ice cream? More Like Sp-Ice Cream!

Nothing screams “Summer!” like ice cream does. This cold treat is almost universally loved and ice cream has become a global snack for those looking to get cool in the summer heat. While quite possibly every country has its own incarnation of this frozen delight, ice cream in the United States of America has almost become an obsession; our country consumes more ice cream per person than any other country in the world!

Vanilla Chai Ice Cream

When speaking of ice cream in the USA there are two styles that we can talk about, Philadelphia style ice cream and French style, or custard ice cream. As a quick refresher, ice cream is generally made with a combination of cream, milk, sugar, and sometimes eggs. Philadelphia, or American, style ice cream is made using cream, milk, and sugar and French style ice cream has the addition of eggs to the previously mentioned ingredients. A mixture of these ingredients is carefully prepared, then churned in an ice cream maker, and frozen until a delectably rich and creamy blend forms. From there, numerous flavors can be added to create your own magnificent frozen treat!

Many flavors of ice cream have come and gone over the years, but there are certain flavors that will always be around. Depending on where you look, you’ll see Vanilla and Chocolate typically sitting atop the leaderboard as our favorite flavors of ice cream. Don’t be afraid to find new ways of flavoring your ice cream, spices and extracts are a great way to do just that!

Feel free to experiment with a pint of store bought ice cream. The best way to incorporate new flavors into your store bought ice cream is by letting the ice cream soften up a bit outside of the freezer, combine your spice with a small amount of melted ice cream to form a paste, and then thoroughly mix together the paste and ice cream in a freezer safe bowl. Once your new flavor is fully incorporated, place your bowl into the freezer, covered in plastic wrap to prevent ice crystals, and allow it to firm up before serving.

root beer extractNatural Root Beer Extract

Chocolate ice cream makes a wonderful pairing with ground chipotle chiles as the combination of smoky chile and creamy chocolate is a match made in ice cream heaven. Also try adding a dash of coffee extract to your chocolate ice cream, as these flavors pair together beautifully.

Vanilla ice cream is a great base for many flavor additions, such as our ground Ceylon cinnamon. The delicate floral and citrus notes in this true cinnamon coupled with vanilla make for a delectable duo. The flavors of various fruits lend themselves well to vanilla ice cream as well. Try using some cherry extract and adding fresh cherries (they are in season!) to your vanilla ice cream for a wonderfully fruity and creamy dessert. With our recently released root beer extract you can make a reverse root beer float, using root beer ice cream and vanilla cream soda. Ice cream can be the perfect vehicle for new and interesting flavors that you may never have thought to use!

If you don’t feel comfortable experimenting, check out our collection of Savory ice cream recipes that are sure to please:

Homemade Mexican Cocoa Ice Cream: This ice cream uses a French style custard base along with Mexican Cocoa to create a wonderfully decadent ice cream for everyone to enjoy. The addition of some cinnamon extract and peppermint extract make this dessert one you won’t soon forget!

saffron coconut milk ice creamSalted Saffron Tined Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Vanilla Chai Ice Cream: Vanilla and chai is a great flavor pairing; they meld perfectly in this ice cream. A Philadelphia style ice cream, this ice cream goes great with our Chai Caramel Sauce.

Salted Saffron Tinted Coconut Milk Ice Cream: Talk about a unique ice cream! Perfect for ice cream lovers who are lactose intolerant, this ice cream uses our Spanish saffron powder and Maldon sea salt to create an ice cream unlike any other. Using a coconut milk base, this ice cream has a uniquely exotic flavor that is hard to beat!

Whether you like to eat your ice cream in a cone, from a cup, with some hot fudge, or in an ice cream sandwich, everyone has their preferred method for consuming America’s favorite summer treat. Just remember that summer won’t be around forever, so make sure to get your ice cream fix in before it melts away! Experiment with new flavors of ice cream, as I’m sure you’ll find some unique flavor you never thought you would like.

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DanChick99 (registered user) on August 04, 2014

I can't speak to the simple spices but I can tell you that I LOVE putting our Ghost Pepper Salt on vanilla ice cream.

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