Staff Favorites: Spice Love


with Emily Bishop
Savory Spice Team
February 13, 2018
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Staff Favorites: Spice Love

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to share the things you love with the people you love. It’s no surprise that everyone at Savory Spice enjoys sharing their favorite spices. I reached out to some Savory Team members to find out which spices have stolen their hearts. Check out their picks and let us know which spices you love in the comments below. (Pictured above: Bendy Chocolate Covered Strawberries made with our Limited-Time Offer Saffron Salt)

Portrait of Lola Huras
Lola Huras

Lola Huras, Manager of our Santa Rosa, CA store

Lola loves our Cuban Island Spice for soups and stews. The first time Lola used it was in venison stew and it was love at first bite. Lola explained to me that the “spice flavor held up with the strong venison flavor.” This aromatic, earthy, umami-packed seasoning inspires Lola to make soups and stews for romantic meals and family get-togethers. One of her favorite things to do is to put stew in a thermos and take it to the San Francisco skyline at night with loved ones.

Try Lola’s favorite seasoning at home in Chicken Avocado Tortilla Soup.

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Portrait of Arsenia Valentin
Arsenia Valentin

Arsenia Valentin, Spice Merchant at our Kansas City, MO store

Arsenia loves spicy food, so she enjoys many of our hot spices and blends. Her favorite is Ghost Pepper Curry Powder. She developed a love for spicy food as she learned to cook with her Puerto Rican father. Together they cook “rice and bean dishes and he loves to grill.” Arsenia uses Ghost Pepper Curry Powder in one of her personal favorites, cabbage rolls with quinoa. This spicy appetizer is always a crowd pleaser among Arsenia’s friends and family.

Try Arsenia’s favorite seasoning at home in Curried Sweet Potato Salad.

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Portrait of Bryce Clifton
Bryce Clifton

Bryce Clifton, Production Manager at our Warehouse in Denver, CO

Bryce’s favorite is our Siesta Key Spanish Sazon. He uses it when creating his own take on chicken and rice burritos – a recipe he’s shared with his roommate Kelson who confirmed that the seasoning was the perfect addition. He ups the flavor in his burritos by “taking the leftover oil from the chicken and mixing it in the rice.”

Try Bryce’s favorite seasoning at home in Spanish Style Pork & Beans with Lime Rice.

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Portrait of Able Blakley
Able Blakley

Able Blakley, Owner of our Oklahoma City, OK store

When it comes to romance, Able likes to cook with his favorite, Coastal Cali Fennel Pollen Rub. He loves this rub for special occasions because he believes it’s “one of the most elegant spice blends.” Able especially enjoys this seasoning on scallops, lobster, and crab. He loves celebrating special occasions and this Valentine’s Day won’t be an exception as he cooks with his wife, Kari, and one year old daughter, Alice (aka Baby Spice).


Try Able’s favorite seasoning at home in Coastal California Butter Sauce – the perfect accompaniment for a seafood feast!

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Portrait of Nadia Kinney
Nadia Kinney

Nadia Kinney, Store Support Coordinator at our Warehouse in Denver, CO

Nadia revealed that for her, “love has always been expressed through food.” Nadia learned to cook from her mother, who uses Garlic Salt in just about everything. Now Nadia continues that tradition with this simple but flavorful blend that remains her all-time favorite. She says that “all the food I’ve learned to love and have shared with those I love go back to garlic salt.” To Nadia, sharing home cooking with loved ones is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

Try Nadia’s favorite seasoning at home in Shepherd’s Pie with Carrot Mash, or just add a sprinkle to buttered bread for a quick and easy garlic bread.

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Have you created a recipe using a Savory Spice that you love? Submit it to our Test Kitchen!


Comments on this Article

(guest), on February 14, 2018

will come see you today to get some of your spices to make goodies for my honey-love

(guest), on February 14, 2018

We love cinnamon and splenda mixed in cottage cheese, plus i liked reading this blog about the ways people use the different spices, learn new ways, keep up the interesting blog.

(guest), on February 24, 2018

I received a collection of your spices as a gift. I have used all of the Mt Hood toasted onion all purpose rub, I was wondering if I could order another one as we love it on many different dishes. My husband loves it on ribs. Could you please contact me through my email? Thank you!

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