Staff Favorites: Spring at the Farmers Market


with Emily Bishop
Savory Spice Team
April 20, 2018
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Staff Favorites: Spring at the Farmers Market

For many people - including our Spice Merchants - warmer spring temperatures signal the arrival of farmers market season. Buying fresh local produce from farmers markets is not only delicious, but also a great way to support sustainable agriculture. That’s why we think that Earth Day is the perfect time to highlight the best spices for spring fruits and veggies that Savory team members around the country enjoy. (Pictured above: Herbed Polenta with Spring Veggie Hash)

Portrait of Marty
Manager Marty

Marty Silverman
Manager of the Westfield, NJ shop

Marty explained that “April is a bit early for the abundant harvest that will come later in the Garden State.” With that said, asparagus, spinach, watercress and mint are currently in season in New Jersey. Sourcing local fresh produce is important to Marty because growing up, he didn’t have much access to fresh produce. Now that he does, he’s sure to take advantage of it. Marty believes “life is too short to not eat great food.” This Earth Day, Marty is not only celebrating our planet, but his birthday as well, so make sure to send him some love!

Spice Recommendations

  • Herbes de Provence: Marty uses this blend in salad dressings because it “goes great on early greens.”
  • Bohemian Forest: Marty loves this blend for roasting asparagus.
  • Capitol Hill Seasoning: Marty also uses this blend to create an apple cider vinaigrette, perfect for springtime.

Recipe Recommendations


Portrait of Hollie
Owner Hollie

Hollie Rollins
Owner of the Franklin, TN shop

In Tennessee, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, arugula and cauliflower are just a few of the spring produce options at the farmers market. Hollie feels lucky to have so much produce available to her. She believes in supporting local farmers and loves eating seasonally because it “allows you to really appreciate and enjoy certain crops and look forward to their return the next season.” This Earth Day, Hollie reminds us that eating fresh and local is not only nutritional and delicious, but “eating fresh produce from your local farmers cuts down on environmental impact of trucking produce all over the country.”

Spice Recommendations

Recipe Recommendations           


Portrait of Alicia
Owner Alicia

Alicia Phipps
Owner of the Austin, TX shop

Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, strawberries, cabbage, carrots, and peaches are a few of Alicia’s favorite spring produce picks in Texas. Alicia explained that “there are many, many more, but these are my predominant favorites.” Eating fresh is important to Alicia, and as the weather gets warmer, she “naturally craves veggies and salads, smoothies, and lighter fare.” For Alicia, eating fresh and healthy is not only easy, but fun!

Spice Recommendations

Recipe Recommendations


Portrait of Debbie
Owners Debbie and Murat

Debbie Akyurek
Owner of the Omaha, NE shop

April is one of Debbie’s favorite months for fresh produce. Debbie has a rhubarb plant that has been in her family for over one hundred years. Her rhubarb “comes up every year” around this time. Other produce seasonal to Nebraska in the spring includes asparagus, spinach, and kale. Debbie loves to grow her own produce and purchase produce locally because it’s important to “know where you get your produce and know you’re getting freshness. It tastes so much better.”

Spice Recommendations

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Portrait of Caryn
Manager Caryn

Caryn Canyon
Manager of the Littleton, CO shop

In Colorado, it's the season for watercress. Caryn explains that this delicious “leafy green water plant is a close cousin to cabbage and arugula.” Freeze Dried Chives, horseradish, sprouts, and chard are other produce currently in season in the Rocky Mountain region. Caryn loves eating fresh because “food is fuel for our bodies” and eating fresh creates “high octane fuel.” Caryn encourages you to eat fresh foods this Earth Day.

Spice Recommendations

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Jen Patterson
Manager of the Sonoma, CA shop

Portrait of Jen
Manager Jen

Located in the Golden State, Jen is surrounded by “an abundance of agriculture.” Jen explained that there “is a bounty of produce available in late April.” A few of Jen’s favorites are carrots, oranges, lemons, apples, mushrooms, avocados, and artichokes. Jen is a believer in eating fresh produce because “local farming helps support the farmers and local economy. Not to mention, it helps maintain farmland, the environment, and the beautiful landscape of the region.” Jen also loves fresh produce seasonally because when “harvested at peak time, it’s more tasty, rich in flavor and more nutritious than food consumed out of season.”

Spice Recommendations

Recipes Recommendations


What spices do you love using on spring produce? Comment below! 

Comments on this Article

(guest), on April 22, 2018

So many great ideas and delicious recipes! I'm set with new ideas for spring and summer cooking. Thank-you

(guest), on April 22, 2018

Kansas City Strip Steak Seasoning- I LOVE it just sprinkled over salads of organic greens with a drizzle of olive oil, and with sauteed zucchini, yellow squash & cherry t's. It is beautiful on asparagus & Brussels sprouts and salmon too! ;-P

(guest), on April 23, 2018

My favorite go to for peas and green beans: Dill Dip. I saute the cooked green beans in a little olive oil and toss in Dill Dip. Same with fresh peas. Great sprinkled over corn on the cob. Can't wait for Colorado Olathe corn!

Emily Bishop (registered user) on April 23, 2018

Thanks for the comments everyone! Glad to hear you're all excited for springtime cooking. Kansas City Strip Steak Seasoning and Dill Dip are two of my favorites as well! I always use the Kansas City Strip Steak Seasoning on roasted potatoes and Dill Dip makes for amazing salad dressings.

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