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Top 5 Recipes for New Year’s Resolutions


with Ashlee Redger
Test Kitchen Chef
January 6, 2018
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Tags: Healthy Eating Salad Smoothie
Top 5 Recipes for New Year’s Resolutions

Maybe it’s the pies on Thanksgiving, the cream-and-butter-filled mashed potatoes on Christmas, or the extra glass of champagne on New Year’s Eve, but every January seems to spark the craving for a fresh start on our eating habits. This year, instead of falling into a fad diet, maximize flavor and healthfulness by sticking to fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. We’ve collected five of our favorite good-for-you recipes to enjoy in 2018! (Pictured above: Crispy Pan-Fried Fish & Asparagus)

1. Crispy Pan-Fried Fish & Asparagus

Fish like cod or halibut is often best when simply prepared. In this method, Smoked Spanish Sweet Paprika proves that paprika is way more than a garnish and can offer a ton of oak-smoked flavor. Stir chopped dried fruit into warm wild rice for a tasty and colorful side dish that’s full of fiber!


2. Black Bean & Corn Salsa

Speaking of fresh veggies, serving a colorful salsa is a great way to liven up simpler dishes. Use this one as a topping for a flaky white fish taco with a drizzle of crema, or on a romaine salad with grilled chicken and mashed avocado. Canyon Road Red Enchilada Dry Sauce (or another one of your favorite Latin American-inspired blends ) adds complex chile and herb flavors to the sweet corn and diced peppers.


3. Coconutty Almond Bars

There’s no reason to cut sweets out of your life to eat healthy. Oats, Black Chia Seeds, and dried apricots are just a few of the key players in these almond bars. Drizzle generously with dark chocolate and you have a gorgeous dessert or afternoon energy boost.


4. Green Peach Ginger Smoothie

Smoothies are definitely associated with healthy eating (or drinking?), and for good reason! They can be a great way to squeeze in leafy greens without constantly resorting to salads. This go-to breakfast may get its color from fresh baby spinach, but the flavor is all sweet peach, zingy ginger, and creamy yogurt.


5. Greek Barley Salad

If you’ve been following the Savory blog or Instagram, you’ve seen this salad before—but what can we say? We love it! With plenty of fresh chopped veggies, Greek yogurt, and your choice of Mt. Olympus or Mt. Eolus Greek style seasonings, this salad is packed full of goodness. The recipe makes plenty, so prep it on Sunday and enjoy it throughout the week. Barley and garbanzo beans provide vegetarian protein but don’t let that stop you from pairing it with leftover chicken or fish for an impressive lunch.

Want more recipes like these? Check out our Healthy Eating recipes page! If you’ve got a food-related New Year’s resolution, chat with us about it in the comments below.

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(guest), on January 09, 2018

Absolutely love what you are doing, delighted with the menu and recipe help I am finding. I am also very pleased with my first order from you. You are sure to receive more from me as it is about time to replace quite a few of my standard stash. Thanks for having such a great web site. Bar

(guest), on January 11, 2018

The barley Greek salad is most certainly not gluten free.
Might want to check your nutrition info.

Ashlee Redger (registered user) on January 12, 2018

Thanks for bringing that to our attention! You're totally right; barley is not gluten-free. We've made the update on our nutrition info for that recipe.

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