Staff Favorites: Beyond Spices


with Emily Bishop
Savory Spice Team
December 18, 2018
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Staff Favorites: Beyond Spices

You probably know that we carry hundreds of delicious and versatile spices, but have you tried any of our other products? From Hot Sauces to Candied Orange Peel Strips, we have plenty to experiment with - and our staff has some strong opinions about their favorites. So what non-spice essentials do you need to try? Read more as we go beyond spices to discover the products the Savory Spice team loves.

Jonathan and Gochujang

Jonathan Garcia, Graphic Designer at our home office in Denver, CO 

Jonathan, is a lover of the popular Korean condiment Gochujang. He was first introduced to this gluten-free fermented chile sauce when he spent a year living abroad in South Korea. “The flavor definitely has a nostalgia factor,” he explained. “It’s a primary ingredient in kimchi, a common Korean side dish,” and it’s also used in many of Jonathan’s favorite Korean meals.

Use Ideas: Gochujang is great for adding “the right amount of heat and flavor” to almost anything. Jonathan says it “pairs nicely with staples like rice, beef, and vegetables.” It also makes a great condiment for Jonathan’s favorite Korean dish, bibimbap - he makes his with white sticky rice, fried strips of beef, and vegetables. Then he tops it with a fried egg and of course, plenty of Gochujang.

Recipe Suggestion: Gochujang is “fantastic in the marinade for Savory’s Korean Fried Chicken recipe.” Jonathan “always make sure to have extra Gochujang on the side for dipping.”


Paula and Sliced Crystalized Ginger

Paula Gurnsey, Spice Merchant at our Denver Lowry, CO shop 

Paula loves our Sliced Crystallized Ginger “because of its freshness and great flavor” and “the amount of sugar is just right.” At the shop, you can find Paula snacking on this ginger “after lunch for a sweet treat.”

Use ideas: Paula suggests “adding pieces into granola for breakfast.” Trail mix can also be enhanced with Crystalized Ginger. If you’re feeling extra sweet, try adding Chocolate Dipped Ginger instead!

Recipe Idea: Paula enjoys using Crystallized Ginger in Pumpkin Spice Bread and thinks it’s “perfect for autumn.”




Ariana and Worcestershire Sauce

Ariana Cuadra, Senior Marketing Associate at our home office in Denver, CO 

Ariana loves our gluten-free, vegan Worcestershire Sauce because of its “deep umami flavor that pairs so well with red meat and most comfort foods.” She’s tried “other gluten-free Worcestershire Sauces and really nothing compares to the complex, well-rounded flavor that ours offers.” It’s also the only one she “knows of that’s vegan.”

Use Ideas: Ariana says that “Worcestershire Sauce makes a great base for a vinaigrette.” It’s also a “must in steaks and hamburgers,” but her favorite way to use it is “in mashed potatoes with caramelized onions for a really decadent flavor.”

Recipe Suggestion: Grilled Steak Salads “are always a win” at Ariana’s house. This recipe is “totally on point for a killer marinade, and the recipe has the perfect mix of vegetables to complement the steak.”



Cindy and Reduced Sodium Beef Broth Concentrate

Cindy Jones, Owner of Savory Spice in Raleigh, NC

Reduced Sodium Beef Broth Concentrate has “become a staple” in Cindy’s home. Cindy loves this product not only for the flavor, but because “it has reduced sodium” and is “a liquid concentrate, not a bouillon, so it’s easily measurable.” It also has the “extra benefit that it’s gluten-free, all natural, and non-GMO.”

Use Ideas: Cindy uses this product “when cooking soups, stews, or starting a base for an au jus.” It really can be used in just about anything!

Recipe Suggestion: Use this “in place of chicken broth in our Tuscan Sausage & Potato Soup Recipe” for a rich and delicious soup. This soup will warm you right up on a cold day.




Molly and Hot Pepper Vinegar Barbecue Sauce

Molly Martin, Marketing Manager at our home office in Denver, CO  

Everyone at Savory Spice knows that Molly loves our Hot Pepper Vinegar Barbecue Sauce. She’s a “fan of heat and this has just the right amount of kick to it - but it's still tame enough to use for kids and crowds. It's also a really versatile sauce that's great for way more than just bbq.” Molly also “lived in the South for a bit and hot pepper vinegar was a super common condiment,” so she’s happy to have it easily accessible at Savory.

Use Ideas: “Thanks to a lot of tasting in the Test Kitchen,” Molly explained, she has “tried this sauce on pretty much all kinds of barbecued meats” - and she approves. At home, she “mainly uses it as the base for potato salad dressing.” It’s been a proven party hit for her. “‘Once, at a summer barbecue,’ she said, ‘a guest from Germany raved and raved’” about the potato salad made with this versatile condiment.

Recipe Suggestion: “The Filipino-style Chicken Adobo recipe using this sauce is so simple” and is one of Molly’s “favorite Savory recipes overall.” “It's fast and inexpensive to make, and still has really deep flavor.” Molly’s “16 year old daughter loves it so it's on the regular dinner rotation.”

What Savory products do you love? Share your Savory creations on social media using #savoryspiceshop!

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