12 Days of Christmas...Stocking Stuffers!


with Molly Martin
Savory Spice Team
November 28, 2017
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12 Days of Christmas...Stocking Stuffers!

Partridges in pear trees and geese-a-laying may be fun lyrics when you’re singing holiday tunes, but no one really wants a stocking stuffed with birds, right? Of course not! We’re giving the 12 days of Christmas a tasty makeover with 12 stocking stuffers that are so good, you’ll be tempted to keep them for yourself. Go ahead, sing along as you read. Need more options? Check out all our stocking stuffers and gifts under $10.

12 Peppermint Mocha Creamers

Our Homemade with Savory mason jars include a recipe and the Savory Spices needed to make that recipe. Got a coffee lover on your list? They’re sure to love this festive-flavored creamer in their next cup of joe.

11 Tubes of Cinnamon Sugar

Spice tubes only make an appearance during the holidays, so stock up while you can. This year we’re offering a classic seasoning in this gift-able packaging for anyone who loves a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar on their morning (or evening) toast.

10 Vietnamese Curry Popcorns

We partnered with a Denver, Colorado based non-profit, The Women’s Bean Project, to create two popcorn flavors that are available for a limited time only (read our blog to learn more about this partnership). This flavor combines the flavor of our Vietnamese Sweet Lemon Curry with a touch of Coconut Milk Powder for a unique snacking experience.

9 Chai Spiced Nuts

This Homemade with Savory jar should be on your list for anyone who loves snacking (so, anyone really).

8 Classic Hot Chocolates

Everyone deserves some warm, comforting mugs of cocoa this time of year.

7 Cinnamon Streusel Creamers

Another Homemade with Savory jar, another delectable treat. This tastes like a cinnamon bun melted in your cup of coffee…you’re craving cinnamon buns and coffee now, aren’t you?

6 Garden Ranch Recipe Kits

You know that person, the one who will dip basically anything into ranch dressing? This Homemade with Savory jar is for them. It’s the easiest way to mix up a fresh, homemade batch of ranch anytime.

5 Mulling Spices

Because who doesn’t like mulled wine, mulled cider, and mulled brandied cherries.

4 Black Onyx Chocolate Sugars

It’s dark as coal, but it sure tastes a whole lot better, especially when it’s added to a cup of coffee, sprinkled on vanilla ice cream, or dusted on top of pancakes.

3 Cinnamon Spiced Hot Chocolates

A Mexican-inspired spin on classic cocoa with a warm cinnamon-spiked flavor sure to warm up anyone on your list.

2 Vanilla Bean Sugars

Finding this in your stocking is a sure way to sweeten up the holidays. Try it in cereal, French toast, and fresh fruit for a pop of classic vanilla flavor.

And a Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Popcorn!

Our Peppermint Vanilla Bean Sugar is the base for the festive flavor of this popcorn that we partnered with The Women’s Bean Project to create (read our blog to learn more about this partnership). It’s only available for a limited time so stock up, because it makes a great gift but you’ll definitely want some to snack on yourself too.


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(guest), on December 01, 2017

Your 12 days are a lot better than the original song. Will be getting some of these. Yum.

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