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Your 2019 Spice Horoscope


with Madame Paprika
January 13, 2019
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Your 2019 Spice Horoscope

New year, new spice horoscope. The last one was such a hit that we decided to bring it back! Madame Paprika searched the stars for inspiration so that no matter what 2019 brings you, flavor and fulfillment are just around the corner. This year promises lots of great meals cooked at home, but which is the perfect seasoning for your sign?



Watch out, world. 2019 is your time to make some big career moves thanks to a renewed zest for life. Your focus at work will be on point and your energy levels will be high. Keep that positive energy going in all aspects of your life by adding some zesty and zippy California Citrus Rub to your cooking repertoire. This salt-free blend has just a touch of heat which is exactly the kick you’ll need to keep you powering through your day. Try it in this Spicy Orange & Watercress Salad for the perfect midday pick-me-up between important meetings.


Making close connections with others is top of mind for you this year - and that’s great. But don’t forget to set aside some all-important alone time too. Remember to slow down and treat yourself. This is the perfect time to buy yourself a gift! The Everyday Essentials spice set includes ten jars of seasonings that everyone should have on hand. With these selections, you’ll always be ready to whip up scrambled eggs for yourself (don’t skip breakfast - remember, treat yourself!) topped with a sprinkle of Capitol Hill Seasoning, then impress your loved ones with homemade pasta sauce seasoned with Italian Herbs.


Some big relationship-related life lessons may be coming your way this year, but you’re well equipped to find balance in the ups - and downs - so be open to change and growth in your love life and friendships. And then enjoy plenty of comfort food. Because no matter what awaits in 2019, Bacon Wrapped Spanish Dates made with Bohemian Forest are always a really, really good idea.


The next 12 months could be your healthiest in a long time. You’re learning how to balance boundaries and needs, and also how to take care of yourself. You’ll want to make healthier choices in every aspect of your life, so it’s a great opportunity to explore new ways of eating and cooking! Pick up some Baharat and try our Baharat Lentil Stew for something new, healthy, and delicious.


Is cabin fever finally getting to you? You’re feeling especially adventurous, and ready for change so it’s time to get away and do some traveling, especially with a friend or partner! Follow your bliss, and take Mt. Olympus Greek Style Seasoning with you - because a person on the move always needs easy access to a versatile, Simple Vinaigrette.


While most people are aiming to take better care of themselves in the new year, you’ll really be setting the example, Virgo. Right now you’re all about what is going to make you feel happy and secure. Plan on lots of nesting at home, self care, and “me time.” There’s nothing more satisfying and comforting than a home cooked meal, except maybe one that can be done in 5 minutes! Our Chocolate Orange Mug Cake Spice ‘n Easy is the perfect way to treat yourself to a decadent dessert in no-time. Best served wrapped in a fuzzy blanket in front of your favorite movie.


You’ve got something to say this year! Whether it be blogging, teaching, social media, whatever- you have a message to spread. Something is lighting your fire, and you can’t keep it to yourself. It will be important to slow down and keep your tank full by nourishing mind, body, and soul. Take a break from your latest writing spree to whip up some Coconut-Lime Cucumber Salsa featuring our Aji Amarillo Chile Powder. It’s super refreshing over grilled fish, chicken, or tacos.


Ka-ching! That’s the sound of your 2019. It’s been a while since you’ve had a lucky year financially, but now’s your chance. You’ll find yourself drawn to new and different things, and have an easier time sticking to routines like resting and eating well. It’s a winning combo to be on your A-game when a new opportunity comes knocking. Make this the year you finally start meal prepping, and start with 7 Spice Kung Pao Chicken starring Shichimi Togarashi. You might think twice about ordering out when you see how easy and delicious this meal is to make.


You might find some new obsessions this year- with new experiences, fresh starts, travel, and more. This could include getting really into some new healthy habits, like fitness apps, trendy workouts, etc. Our Golden Milk Chai Latte Spice ‘n Easy hits the mark with the inflammation-fighting power combo turmeric and black pepper. It can be an acquired taste, but we’re sure you’ll love sipping on a cup of this soothing hot beverage in the mornings.


For the first time in a while, you’re learning to accept things you can’t change and to let go of old hurts. You’re outgrowing old habits and relationships. Take this chance to show the world a new side of yourself, it’s an opportunity to infuse passion with purpose and to go after what is fulfilling to you! Transformation is beautiful, like our “Smoked & Infused” spice set. We’ve taken the familiar: black pepper, sugar, salt, and paprika, and added mystery and depth of flavor with smoky notes. Take inspiration from our Southern Lemonade recipe when you see how old meets new!


It’s time you learn how to start saying YES! Yes to new ideas and collaborations, yes to taking chances, and yes to putting yourself first when you need to. You’re figuring out something that’s always been tough for you, distinguishing fantasy from reality- especially regarding people and relationships. You’ll be grateful when you stop making excuses for yourself and for others, and grab life from the horns instead. Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Spice is just the kick you need to stay focused on what counts, like making a bangin’ dish of Nashville Hot Fried Chicken!


Are you starting to feel unusually ambitious? 2019 marks the end of a lot of ups and downs in your health, so you’ll be in top shape to pursue those goals. Not to mention, new friendships might broaden your outlook and keep you motivated. Reach new heights with Pikes Peak Butcher’s Rub on a classic like Pikes Peak Pot Roast, because the balance of bold flavor and comfort food is exactly what you deserve right now.

Disclaimer: these horoscopes were not written by an astrological expert - but they were written by a spice expert who hopes everyone, no matter your sign, takes some time for home cooking experiments in 2019. What spices and recipes are you looking forward to trying this year?

Comments on this Article

(guest), on August 29, 2018

What a fun article ! Makes me want to cook ! We’re coming up on fall , the time of year I really feel like cooking and creating with good ingredients and the wonderful quality spices you offer !

(guest), on August 29, 2018

The cool photo/graphic drew me in. Whoever put that together did a good job! This article was a lot of fun. Thanks!

(guest), on August 29, 2018

Thank you for this fun article! I shared it with my friends and we all love it!

(guest), on August 29, 2018

I’m a Scorpio and ghost pepper salt has been on my mind recently, so this horoscope is spot on!

(guest), on August 29, 2018

How neat is this! I am going to print it out and give it a test run! I will let you know how it turns out.

(guest), on August 29, 2018

I like your recipes, but anything having to do with horoscope-not so much

(guest), on August 29, 2018

What a great article and you made it such fun! Great photography and descriptions. I love it and will definitely follow up and try some of these! ??????

(guest), on August 29, 2018

What an adorable article! You made food and cooking exactly what it’s supposed to be, fun!

(guest), on August 29, 2018

Perfect timing! I was just thinking about adding fresh, fall spices to my spice collection. Now I have a few fantastic recipes to try too! You guys rock!! So excited.

(guest), on August 30, 2018

Fun article! Sure makes me want to get off he grill and back into my kitchen...

(guest), on August 30, 2018

Such a great article! Fun and spicey.

(guest), on September 04, 2018

I predict that this Aquarian will be delving in to LOTS of Savory Spices this Autumn ;-P

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