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Chasing BBQ: A Memphis Feast

Chasing BBQ: A Memphis Feast

After exploring Memphis BBQ in Savory’s test kitchen, here are my favorite recipes for building your own Memphis meat & three sides BBQ plate.

Memphis Style Smoked Rib Tips: We’ve been smoking a lot of ribs this summer as we test different styles of BBQ from all over the country. But, when it came to Memphis, it’s the rib tips that stood out for me. Rib tips are the meaty cartilage that often gets trimmed away from a full rack of spare ribs to make a St. Louis cut. The rib tips are heavily marbled and therefore full of flavor; so don't trim ‘em and toss ‘em—smoke ‘em instead!

Memphis Meat & Cheese: This is like a charcuterie plate…but less fussy!. Simply slice and grill your favorite smoked sausage or bologna; serve with saltines, chunks of cheddar cheese, pickle spears, sprinkled with your favorite BBQ rub and a side of sauce for dipping. Meat & cheese is served as a “side” on Memphis BBQ menus but it also makes a great snacking basket for backyard parties.

Tangy Memphis Mustard Slaw: I’m sucker for anything with mustard in the name, so I was thrilled to try several recipes for the mustard heavy slaws served in Memphis. This tangy version is one of my new favorites, classically flavored with celery seasoning. It’s delicious next to ribs or on top of a pulled pork sandwich.

Creamy Deviled Eggs: Everyone loves a good deviled egg. These have a basic filling that can be spiced up with any of your favorite seasonings and garnishes to take them in different flavor directions—depending on your mood or menu. We tried three versions: smoky pimento cheese, creole with pickled okra, and classic herb.

Do you have a favorite regional BBQ recipe? Submit your original recipe to our test kitchen so we can share it with our Savory friends and family. 

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