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Flavor of The Month: Huli Huli Chicken! Free With $75+
Flavor of The Month: Huli Huli Chicken! Free With $75+

Flavors from the Great Plains

Nebraska chili with three mini cinnamon rolls

You may not think of "middle America" as having the most interesting flavors. But forget the casseroles (for now) because some of our customer favorites come from the Heartland. So don't fly over these flavors from the American Pantry or you'll miss out on some great seasonings.

Capitol Hill Seasoning

This simple but flavorful combination of shallots and dill is one of our best-selling seasonings. We don't call it an "all-purpose" seasoning because it's not the best for red meat, but it's dreamy on just about anything else. Seriously, from eggs to seafood to salads, it's a must-have.

Roxana gives it five stars because, "Capitol Hill is my favorite seasoning. I put it on almost everything, especially scrambled eggs, roasted veggies, salmon, and definitely cannot have my mashed potatoes without it!"

Homestead Seasoning

This paprika-based is accented with a unique blend of spices for a balanced seasoning that's a little bit sweet, salty, and savory. It's great for classics like Sloppy Joes or chili. Use it as a rub for beef, chicken, or pork. Great for smoking salmon and sausage making (use 1 Tbsp per pound). This seasoning is truly all-purpose though, sprinkle on vegetables and season deviled eggs or potato salad.

Great Plains Bison & Beef Rub

The Great Plains, historically home to free range bison, stretch across much of the Midwest. Today they are home to many cattle ranchers. Naming this butcher's style rub after the Plains made complete sense. The flavor of the Great Plains Bison & Beef Rub is well balanced with hints of coffee, fennel and coriander. It's perfect for any cut of meat, but may be best on a Cowboy cut of beef or bison. Also try it on poultry, pork, and hearty vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, and potatoes.

Summit County

Summit County, Colorado is a mountain getaway that buzzes with activity throughout the year, especially during the snow-white winters. When cold weather strikes, what better way to warm up than a comforting soup? That’s the inspiration behind this seasoning. The pieces of garlic and onion, as well as the balance of vegetable notes and black pepper make this salt-free seasoning great for burgers, meatloaf, and roast chicken or veggies as well as hearty stews.


Capitol Hill Seasoning on potatoes, in dip, and omelettes


We have a bunch of tasty recipes for the versatile seasonings. We can’t list them all here but we do have recipes featured on each spice's web page, so we encourage you to explore!

Super Easy Savory Dip
This really is the easiest dip recipe ever!
3 Tbsp. of your favorite spice mix (we suggest trying Capitol Hill Seasoning)
1 cup sour cream or yogurt
Simply combine your spice mix with sour cream or yogurt. Mix thoroughly. We recommend making this at least 30 minutes before serving (but you can also make it up to 1 day ahead) to let the flavors meld. Serve with your favorite veggies or chips.

Capitol Hill Compound Butter
Spread this flavorful butter on bread, baked potatoes, even atop a grilled steak.
1 cup softened butter (we suggest using unsalted)
1-2 Tbsp. Capitol Hill Seasoning
Optional Fine Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
Thoroughly mix seasoning into softened butter. For maximum flavor, make ahead to allow flavors to fully develop. Salt to taste and use anywhere you would typically use butter. Store any leftovers in the fridge.

Sloppy Joes
A family classic, this is easy to make. Use Homestead Seasoning for a classic flavor but this is also a great base recipe to try with one of your favorite BBQ-inspired seasonings for a unique taste. Top with your favorite garnishes (may we suggest Capitol Hill Classic Coleslaw.)

Homestead Breakfast Sausage Patties
This quick and easy breakfast style sausage goes great with eggs, of course.
1 lb. ground pork
1 Tbsp. Homestead Seasoning
Gently mix together pork and seasoning until well combined. Shape into small patties and sear in a hot, oiled skillet until cooked through.

Great Plains "4B" Bison Burger
Your first question is probably, "What are the 4 B's?" The name refers to the bison, bleu cheese, basil, and bacon that give this burger layers and layers of flavor. But feel free to leave out any of them or add your personal favorite burger toppings instead. While this is a bison burger recipe, it works equally well with beef.

Simple Vinaigrette
This quick & easy vinaigrette can be used to dress greens or roasted/grilled veggies. 
1 1/2 Tbsp. white wine vinegar
3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
1 1/2 tsp. of your favorite herby spice mix (we suggest Summit County)
Add white wine vinegar to a small bowl and slowly pour in olive oil while whisking until combined. Mix in your favorite herb seasoning. Set aside and let flavors meld or serve immediately. Store in a sealed container and use within a week for best flavor.

Tuscan Sausage & Potato Soup
A soup so quick, easy, and delicious that it just might become your new weeknight favorite. This customer created recipe is also easy to adapt to your tastes - add hot Italian sausage instead of sweet, toss in some kale or hearty greens, add a dollop of sour cream for a little tang...


Tuscan Sausage & Potato Soup

For even more classic flavors, check out our American Pantry or leave a comment with your favorite East Coast inspired flavors.

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