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Saffron Cocktail Competition

Saffron Cocktail Competition

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The Rules

The rules were simple: create a delicious saffron cocktail using any combination of Saffron Salt, Saffron Orange Blossom Honey, Saffron Infused Vinegar, and Saffron & Apricot Maple Syrup. Competitors were also provided a variety of spirits, juices, mixers, bitters, and more.

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Cocktail Ingredients
The ingredients provided

The Competitors

Stephanie, Warehouse Operations Manager
Entry: Golden Bee

Stephanie’s approach was to “adapt a recipe that already lends itself to honey and citrus,” so she took her inspiration from a classic cocktail: the bee's knees, which is made with honey, lemon juice, and gin. Adding saffron flavor with a splash of infused vinegar was “a fun way to add non-traditional ingredients.” The base of her drink was a luxurious saffron syrup crafted to compliment the botanicals in gin.

Stephanie’s Secret Ingredients

For saffron syrup:

Saffron Orange Blossom Honey- 1 Tbsp.

Saffron Salt- ¼ tsp.

Orange Flower Water- ¼ tsp.

Hot water- 1 Tbsp.

Combine 1 tsp. saffron syrup with the following and shake with ice:

Lemon juice- 1 tsp.

Gin- 1 Tbsp.

Saffron Infused Vinegar- 2 tsp.

Garnish with lemon wheel

Ariana, Senior Marketing Associate
Entry: Orange You Glad it’s Saffron?

Ariana put a saffron twist on her favorite: a margarita. With some saffron products, tequila, and limes, she knew she couldn’t go wrong. Ariana “thought about what would pair well,” and knew that “citrus and tequila are always a match made in heaven.”

Ariana’s Secret Ingredients

Tequila- 6 oz.

Half an orange

3 limes

Saffron Orange Blossom Honey- 1 jar along with equal part water to make simple syrup

Saffron Infused Vinegar- a splash

Orange juice- a splash

Rim with salt, lime and orange zest

Garnish with mint leaves and sprinkle Saffron Salt on top

Michael, Test Kitchen Intern
Entry: Saffron Sapphire Sunrise

Michael used this competition as a chance to really let his creativity shine. He made saffron pearls with Saffron & Apricot Maple Syrup, pomegranate juice, and super agar by dripping the gelatinous mixture into cold oil. He took inspiration from his favorite color, blue, and mixed in blue curacao with pomegranate juice and xanthan gum to create an ombré effect. He has “been into experimenting with molecular gastronomy lately, which is where the saffron pearls came from- it’s called spherification.”

Michael’s Secret Ingredients

Blue Curacao- ½ oz.

Pomegranate juice- ½ oz.

Xanthan gum- a pinch

Mango Passion Fruit Juice- 1 oz.

Saffron & Apricot Maple Syrup- ½ cup

Water- 2 cups, for saffron pearl rinsing

Super agar- 2 gms

Cold vegetable oil- 2 cups

Cold water- 1 cup

Garnish with roasted, sugar-covered strawberries

Melinda, Food Services
Entry: Sassy Saff Sour

After some practice rounds at home, Melinda came to the competition ready to show off her skills. She decided to make a pisco sour inspired cocktail because she “love, love, loves pisco sours and always has.” She “played around with a variety of flavors including lime, pear, mango” and was excited to incorporate our saffron products for a new twist.

Melinda’s Secret Ingredients

Pisco- 1 ½ oz.

Saffron Infused Vinegar- ½ oz.

Saffron Orange Blossom Honey- ½ oz. of half water, half honey for simple syrup

1 egg white

Orange bitters- 2 drops

Fresh lime juice- 2 drops

Joseph, Graphic Designer
Entry: The Honey Bear

Joseph’s cocktail was nothing but unique. He made a tea-infused gin that steeped for 40 minutes! Then he mixed his infused gin with other ingredients to make an irresistible beverage. A couple of Joseph’s “buddies infused their vodka with tea” and he really liked it. He wanted to try it himself, and this competition was the perfect opportunity for him to do so. Joseph “knew that citrus goes well with saffron and gin,” and thus, the Honey Bear was created.

Joseph’s Secret Ingredients

Gin- 2 oz.

Orange Tea- 1 Tbsp. per 250 ml. of gin

Vermouth- 1 oz.

Saffron Orange Blossom Honey- 1 oz. half water, half honey for simple syrup

Garnish with orange peel


Contestants were judged on the following: taste, presentation, how well the saffron flavor came through, and the cocktail names. The judges were our Director of Store Operations, Christine along with Marketing Manager Molly and Digital Marketing Manager Matt. These judges know their cocktails (aka they enjoy a good happy hour) and used their expertise to determine the best saffron cocktail.

The judges Christine, Molly, and Matt.

Christine’s Top Pick: Ariana’s Orange You Glad it’s Saffron “because it had the most saffron flavor and the addition of

the saffron salt intensified the saffron even more.”

Molly’s Top Pick: Ariana’s Orange You Glad it’s Saffron “because the salted rim was a nice contrast with the sweet notes

in the drink, kind of like a boozy, salty version of Tang!”

Matt’s Top Pick: Stephanie’s Golden Bee “because it had the best use of the key ingredient, saffron.”

The Results

With the votes tallied up, the competition was close. And the results were...

#1: Ariana’s Orange You Glad it’s Saffron?

#2: Melinda’s Sassy Saff Sour

#3: A tie between Joseph’s Honey Bear and Stephanie’s Golden Bee

Honorable Mention: Michael, for a solid effort.

Even though a winner was declared, all the cocktails were delicious and perfect for Saffron Month. We hope you have fun experimenting with our saffron products. Visit a store to get your Saffron Salt, Saffron Orange Blossom Honey, Saffron Infused Vinegar, and Saffron & Apricot Maple Syrup before they’re gone - all of these are only available during the month of February!

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