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Taste the Wonders of the World: Sun-Dried Tomato Minestrone

Taste the Wonders of the World: Sun-Dried Tomato Minestrone

Rome wasn't built in a day, but how does 35 minutes sound? Introducing Sun-Dried Tomato Minestrone, a hearty Italian vegetable soup inspired by Rome's ancient arena, the Colosseum. It's the next culinary adventure in our 2022 Wonders of the World Series. Just add a few pantry staples to this Spice 'n Easy recipe mix for a fast, flavorful family meal. You'll be glad-iator you did!

A relic of Rome's storied past, the Colosseum stands today as a symbol of community. Once the site of a tyrannical emperor's private lake, the land was drained and a public amphitheater that could host tens of thousands of Romans was built in its place.

We set out to create a dish that captured the Colosseum's spirit of community and gathering, albeit around a dining room table and not a fight to the death (unless it's over the last bite.) There's something special about the smell of simmering soup that summons us to sit and share and slurp and socialize. 

Minestrone is a traditional Italian soup often made with pasta and whatever vegetables are in season and on hand. With a little something for everyone, minestrone is the perfect dish to celebrate the colossal flavors of Italian cuisine: savory tomato, sweet basil, robust oregano, aromatic garlic, and sunny lemon. 

Bright and herby with rich, umami flavor, our new Sun-Dried Tomato Minestrone is as easy to make as it is to eat. Each mix comes loaded with wholesome veggies like green peas, shoestring carrots, sweet corn, and sliced onions, as well as a host of heavenly herbs like basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and lemon verbena. Three kitchen staplesa little butter, diced tomatoes, and your favorite pasta—are all that's needed to turn this delicious mix of vegetables and spices into an easy meal for the whole family.

Make this minestrone your own by adding fresh basil, Parmesan cheese, extra veggies, Italian sausage, or a side of breadsticks. Serve it up family-style and savor the silence while the flavor does the talking. 

A colossal undertaking like Rome may not have been built in a day, but memories can be made in less than an hour over a family meal.

Only here for a limited time, get your Sun-Dried Tomato Minestrone Spice ‘n Easy before this chow says ciao! For teasers of what tasty trip we are taking next and to learn more about our Wonders of the World series, read our Taste the Wonders of the World blog.

Share your minestrone memories with us on Instagram (@savoryspiceshop) and for even more internationally inspired seasonings, shop our World Flavors selections.


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Elizabeth Baiamonte - April 12, 2022

It would be helpful to see the nutrition facts: i.e., Total Sugars, Sodium etc.

Savory Spice - March 9, 2022

Hi Eva,

Good news – we have plenty of gluten-free Spice ’n Easy options! Sun-Dried Tomato Minestrone is gluten-free, along with many others. Follow this link here to see all your options:

Eva Eicher - March 9, 2022

I love to try some of you soups, etc. but I need gluten free and I could not tell if any were gluten free. This would be helpful for knowing which ones are gluten free.

Thank you.

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