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The Slow Bone: Dallas, TX

Before I even shook hands with Jack Perkins, the owner of The Slow Bone in Dallas, Texas, I could see that I was going to enjoy chatting it up with him for a few minutes. He's the kind of guy who puts off a cool, welcoming, laid back vibe. But don't let the laid back vibe fool you, this guy understands the science behind the barbecuing process.

He walked me through how they figured out the way they needed to barbecue in order to put out great 'cue without having to have someone manning their pits overnight. This took plenty of time (and cows) to figure out, but seeing that most of the 'cue was sold out before Daniel and I got there at 1pm (two hours after opening), it is clear that it was worth it. BTW - Jack also owns and operates the highly rated Maple and Motor burger joint in Dallas (I'll be back to try it).

I quickly learned that one of the good things about going to barbecue joints with Daniel Vaughn is that he knows how to take what is left to eat and turn that into a whole new experience while still being able to appreciate the flavors intended. Here he asked Jeffery C. Hobbs, the executive chef, to chop up the last portion of brisket and sausage and put it onto a hoagie style bun. He also ordered a tub of pimento cheese and proceeded to smear a couple of large size spoonfuls onto the top of the bun. Top the chopped smoked meats with pickles and pickled onions....and holy shnikies that was a sandwich!

With Hobbs in the kitchen, they make some totally original food. We also enjoyed some fried chicken served with a bright herb chimichurri sauce, tamales filled with smoked brisket, greens, mac & cheese, a fresh pea salad, and amazing bread pudding made from the leftover cornbread. I can't wait to get back and you should go there soon......get there early so you can enjoy the 'cue, but even if you're late you won't be disappointed! #‎chasingbbq
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