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Unboxing Cozy Cups Drink Tins

Unboxing Cozy Cups Drink Tins
It’s sweater weather! Is there anything better than Cozy Cups of coffee or tea on a cold winter morning? Picture this. Your hands wrapped around the glass, getting warm while the spiced aroma wafts gently toward you. You let it cool slightly before taking a sip of that delicious brew.

If that sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee), stick around. We’re unboxing our Cozy Cups spice set and will reveal the inside scoop on these tasty treats.

For years, we have had popular blends for making spice-infused drinks. Whether you’re using Honey Powder to sweeten your iced tea, making a traditional Agua de Jamaica, or brewing up some Lavender Lemonade, spices can add a whole new dimension to your favorite cup. Inspired by favorite seasonal drinks, we concocted three unique and flavorful spice mixes that will warm you up this winter.

Spices For Cider (or Wine): Merry Mulling

It’s surprisingly simple to make mulled wine or mulled apple cider. But what is mulling spice made of? A sweet-spiced combination of cinnamon, allspice, and cloves gives this traditional blend its distinctive flavor. Still want more information? Go Behind the Seasoning to learn more. The spices will continue to infuse as long as they are in the liquid. So if you’re making this ahead to reheat later, remove the spices. The cloves can become overpowering if allowed to steep for too long.

Directions for one cup: Add 1 tsp. of Merry Mulling to red wine or cider. Infuse over gentle heat for 15 to 30 minutes. Strain out spices and sweeten to taste.

Directions for 1 gallon cider: Add 3 Tbsp. of Merry Mulling to 1 gallon of cider. Simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Strain out spices and sweeten to taste.

 Assortment of fruits with a cup and tin of mulling spice

Spices In Tea: Cheerful Chai

The popularity of our Chai Spices inspired a seasonal spin on a year-round classic. If you haven't had chai before, it's a creamy and aromatic blend of spices and tea. Originally from India, this perfectly spiced drink is now enjoyed around the world. To learn more, we suggest this article about Masala Chai from Epicurious. We’ve strayed from the traditional blend just a bit. For the holiday season, we added a tart and tangy twist with dried cranberries and orange peel. 

Directions for one cup of chai: Add 1 Tbsp. of Cheerful Chai to 4 fl. oz. boiling water. Steep with 1 black tea bag for 10 minutes. Remove tea bag and strain out spices. Add 4 fl. oz. warm milk and sweeten to taste.

Teapot and tea cup with chai and chai spices

Coffee With Spices: Jolly Java

You’ve heard of Pumpkin Spice Lattes but when you need something that’s a bit more subtle and seamlessly transitions into winter weather, this is the spice you’ll want to grab. A simple but flavorful blend, the rich taste of Dutch Cocoa and sweet baking spices will give your morning cup of coffee just a hint of mocha. This seasoning doesn’t have any sugar though, so you can control the sweetness (or leave it unsweetened).

Directions for one cup of coffee: Add 1 to 3 tsp. of Jolly Java to coffee grounds before brewing. Add sweetener and creamer to brewed coffee to taste.

Baked goods with coffee spices and cup of coffee

Other Ways To Enjoy These Spices

We know you can't live on coffee alone. Here are a few more ideas of creative ways to infuse spices and flavors.

  • Put Merry Mulling into a spice or coffee grinder. Use the ground spices when making quick breads or muffins.
  • Use Jolly Java to replace 1 Tbsp. of cocoa powder to infuse sweet and cinnamony flavor in baked goods.
  • Infuse heavy cream with Cheerful Chai. Use to make spiced whipped cream for holiday pies, chai ice cream, or spiced caramel sauce.

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