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Memphis BBQ ribs are world famous for good reason. The best BBQ in Memphis can be found at joints that smoke their ribs low and slow using a flavor-packed Memphis dry rub that usually contains both brown and white sugar for optimal caramelization and a hint of molasses flavor. For Memphis meats served wet, a tangy, sweet tomato-based sauce is the go-to choice.

Barbecue Tips

'Cue Tip #26: Don't Over-Season

"Be careful not to over-season the meat. The goal of cooking low and slow is to let the flavors of the meat and smoke shine."

Stephen Holley – Pitmaster and Co-Owner of Chuck Wagon BBQ, Madison, AL

Mike's Road Journal

Killen’s Barbecue: Pearland, TX

Ronnie Killen, the man behind the name of Killen's Barbecue, was kind enough to sit down with me and talk barbecue. Even though his Killen's BBQ restaurant is fairly new, he isn't new to barbecue. He had another barbecue joint back in the early nineties and stepped away from that to follow his food passion. Off to London he went to train at Cordon Bleu and he came back a fully certified executive chef for the American Culinary Association. However, wearing a white chef's jacke...
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Killen’s Barbecue: Pearland, TX

BBQ Joint Finder

Heim Barbecue & Catering

"Travis Heim - Owner & Pitmaster"

201 E. Hattie St. Fort Worth, TX 76104


"Julio Howard, Victor Howard and George Shore - Owners"

6202 Upshaw Dr. Humble, TX 77396

Barbecue Slang

Bend Test (a.k.a. Bounce Test) A method for checking the doneness of ‘low and slow’ smoked ribs. Pick up the rack of ribs with a pair of tongs by the center bones and bounce them slightly. If they are ready, the slab will bow until the meat starts to break away.

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