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Memphis BBQ ribs are world famous for good reason. The best BBQ in Memphis can be found at joints that smoke their ribs low and slow using a flavor-packed Memphis dry rub that usually contains both brown and white sugar for optimal caramelization and a hint of molasses flavor. For Memphis meats served wet, a tangy, sweet tomato-based sauce is the go-to choice.

Barbecue Tips

'Cue Tip #18: 'Cue Glue: Mustard & Pickle Juice

"Mix some mustard and pickle juice together at a 60/40 ratio and lather the protein before applying your spices. That mixture acts as the glue for all of the spices and helps to lock in a lot of moisture. Don’t worry about pickle and mustard flavors, they will evaporate by the time the meat has been cooked."

Dustin Amariah Blackwell- Pitmaster and Co-Owner of Hutchin’s BBQ, McKinney, TX

Mike's Road Journal

Boss Man Pitt Stop: Memphis, TN

BONUS STOP! Boss Man Pitt Stop is a joint...straight up! It isn't fancy on the outside or the inside, but there were smiles all around. They do some pretty dang good 'cue here and fuse it with some tasty southern soul food, which could explain all the smiles. I know it had something to do with mine. When we reached the counter we didn't find any attitude like you can get at some places...we met the bubbly Cynthia who was just excited to tell us all about the different offerings on...
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Boss Man Pitt Stop: Memphis, TN

BBQ Joint Finder

Carter's Bar-B-Que

"Curt Carter - Owner & Pitmaster"

519 S. Eastman Rd. Longview, TX 75602

Franklin Barbecue

"Aaron Franklin - Pitmaster"

900 E. 11th St. Austin, TX 78702

Barbecue Slang

Pit Boss An experienced barbecue craftsman, who watches over the pit. Based on experience can tell by sight, sound, smell, and touch if the pit is running too hot or too cold, when it needs fuel, when to add wood, when to add sauce, and when the meat is ready.

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