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Here are some of our favorite BBQ recipes inspired by the Memphis portion of Mike’s Chasing BBQ journey. Common items on a Memphis barbecue menu include: baby back ribs and rib tips, smoked low and slow; Memphis “meat & cheese”—smoked sausages, cheese, and saltines, all dusted with barbecue seasoning; and BBQ spaghetti with a tangy, tomato-based BBQ sauce and pulled pork. For suggestions on how to build a classic Memphis barbecue plate, check out our Chasing BBQ: A Memphis Feast feature article.

Memphis Style Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Meaty baby back pork ribs are a staple on Memphis BBQ joint menus. Rubbed, smoked, roasted, then grilled, these tender ribs yield lots of flavor from both the seasoning and the cooking method. (View Recipe)

Memphis Style Smoked Rib Tips

When buying a rack of spare ribs, don't skip over the rib tips -- the meaty cartilage that often gets trimmed away. Rib tips are heavily marbled and therefore full of flavor. (View Recipe)

Easy Rubbed Ribs

This easy parboiling method gives you a tender and flavorful rack of ribs without an entire day of cooking. It works with any style of ribs, like baby back ribs, spareribs, or St. Louis cut ribs. You can also use your favorite BBQ rub and mix it up each time you make them. (View Recipe)

Memphis Meat & Cheese

This barbecue version of a charcuterie plate can be found on many Memphis BBQ joint menus. It couldn't be easier to pull together...just grab your favorite smoked sausage and pair it with cheese, crackers, and your favorite BBQ sauce for dipping. (View Recipe)

Memphis BBQ Spaghetti

This classic Memphis BBQ side combines the flavors of barbecue sauce with the key components of a marinara sauce to create a hybrid Italian-Southern dish. It's typically served with leftover smoked pulled pork, but you could throw your leftover barbecue chicken or brisket in there too. (View Recipe)

Tangy Memphis Mustard Slaw

This Memphis inspired slaw is just a tad creamy with a tangy kick from yellow mustard and cider vinegar. It's chopped instead of just shredded, which makes it the perfect texture for a pulled pork sandwich topping. (View Recipe)

Honey Mustard Chopped Slaw

This is a must-try if you want to switch up your usual slaw routine. Tangy and mustardy instead of creamy and mayonnaise-y, it makes a great barbecue side or sandwich topping. (View Recipe)

Creamy Deviled Eggs

Whether you're creating a barbecue meal, hosting a potluck, or planning a holiday feast, creamy deviled eggs are always a crowd pleaser. We like to spice ours up (of course!) with different flavors, like herbs, creole seasoning, or smoky cheese powder. But you can use any seasoning you're in the mood for when making this recipe. (View Recipe)

Buffalo Fried Deviled Eggs

Yep, that’s right—we fried them. Surprisingly easy to make, these are definitely a conversation starter. Of course you could serve them the traditional way, but we think everything is better fried. (View Recipe)

Panhandle Fried Pickles

Nothing says Southern food like fried pickles. A creative spice merchant submitted this recipe for frying pickle chips, but the method works for pickle spears too. (View Recipe)

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Slow Cooker Bourbon BBQ Beans

The slow cooker does all the work for these flavorful baked beans. Season them to fit any regional barbecue spread by choosing a different style of BBQ rub each time you make them. (View Recipe)

Red Rocks Hickory Smoke & Beer BBQ Sauce

This is a quick and easy way to add a smoky BBQ flavor to your favorite grilled dishes. It's a great dipping sauce for ribs, use it as a pulled pork or shredded chicken sandwich, or use it to add flavor to baked beans. (View Recipe)

Easy No-Cook BBQ Sauce

This is a classic barbecue sauce with a smoky, sweet, and tangy flavor. The best part is that it comes together quickly and requires no cooking! Use it in slow cooker recipes that call for BBQ sauce or for basting chicken or ribs on the grill. We also liked it as the sauce for BBQ chicken pizza! (View Recipe)

BBQ Master Sauce

No matter what style of regional BBQ you're making, you can adapt this sauce to fit by using your favorite Savory BBQ rub as the seasoning. (View Recipe)