A real Carolina barbecue feast centers around a whole hog that's smoked for hours before the succulent meat is chopped or pulled and served with a tangy, vinegar-spiked sauce. If cooking a whole hog in your backyard seems intimidating (although you should try it anyway), we've also got recipes that make enjoying Carolina-style pork a bit simpler. Complete your meal with sides and save room for classic desserts like sweet potato pie!

'Cue Tip #2: Master Your Fire

"Before you can master barbecuing you need to master fire building and fire management. Building proper fires takes practice. You’ll know you are on the right path when your fires produce a clean, white, wispy smoke rather than a big, billowy cloud of smoke."

Tim Rattray – Pitmaster and Co-Owner of The Granary “Cue & Brew, San Antonio, TX

A Road Trip of a Lifetime...

Barbecuing is the ultimate “spice” form of cooking. Yeah, I said it! Sure, some will argue that Indian cooking (with a long history of amazing curries using a multitude of spices) is, others would lean toward Thai, and many would land on the side of Mexico with their complex, spice-rich mole sauces. They would all have valid points and strong arguments that on a different day I might have to side with. But not today. Today I’m a proud American, touting one of our cooking styles...
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Saw's BBQ

"Mike Wilson - Owner"

1008 Oxmoor Rd, Homewood, AL 35209

Snow's BBQ

"Ms. Tootsie Tomanetz - Owner & Pitmaster"

516 Main St. Lexington, TX 78947

Offset A smoker with two sealed boxes or tubes connected on one side. One for a charcoal or wood fire; the other is the oven, which is offset by being a little higher.