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Savory Spice makes handcrafted cheese powders, dip mixes, and dressing seasonings for almost every occasion. Our powdered cheese seasonings easily turn ordinary dishes into something extraordinary—use any cheese powder on popcorn to create a flavorful snack everyone will love. By adding a few simple ingredients to our Savory Spice seasonings, you can create delicious dips and delectable dressings. Try one of our gourmet dip mixes for the perfect complement to chips, crackers, and veggies—our dill dip mix is a customer favorite. You can use any Savory dressing seasoning to make a great tasting vinaigrette or creamy salad dressing. But the beauty of these dip mixes and dressing seasonings is that you can use them in more than one way—use our Italian dressing seasoning for weeknight chicken and pasta, or use any of our Parmesan cheese powder sprinkles to make a refreshing pesto sauce. Always free shipping on orders over $35, so stock up!

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