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Our Tax Relief Sale Is On Now! 15% Off $60, Plus Free Shipping With Code TAXDAY15

Popcorn Premiere Spice Set

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Bold thrillers. Spicy romance. Sweet family flicks. We have a popcorn seasoning to complement whatever genre (or flavor) you enjoy. Whether you’re hosting movie night or having popcorn for dinner, you’re just a few shakes away from craveable flavor.

This spice set contains the following (3) products in shakers:

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We know you'll love all three! BONUS: The bundled price for this set saves you money over purchasing individually.

We're Unboxing Popcorn Premiere Spice Set to give you the inside scoop on this tasty trio.

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Dietary Information



Gluten Free






Garlic Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoning: Popcorn salt (salt, tricalcuim phosphate), dill seed, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, dill weed, vinegar, garlic, citric acid, Honey Powder (honey, refinery syrup), cayenne, black pepper

Frosted Cinnamon Bun Popcorn Seasoning: Honey Powder (honey, refinery syrup), Vanilla Bean Sugar [sugar, vanilla beans, vanilla extract (vanilla beans, water, propylene glycol, natural ethanol, natural flavors, caramel color)], brown sugar, cultured low fat buttermilk (skim milk, lactic acid, cultures), Saigon cinnamon, popcorn salt (salt, tricalcuim phosphate).

Contains milk

Jalapeño Ranch Popcorn Seasoning: Buttermilk (skim milk, lactic acid, cultures), salt, onion, sugar, red bell pepper, garlic, sriracha (sugar, maltodextrin, salt, dextrose, spices, garlic, paprika, yeast extract, dried hot sauce [spices, distilled vinegar, salt, garlic, maltodextrin, natural flavor], vinegar powder [maltodextrin, wine vinegar], paprika, citric acid, pineapple juice [maltodextrin, pineapple juice, malic acid, natural flavor], less than 2% silicon dioxide, canola oil [processing aids]), black pepper, parsley, dill weed, jalapeño, citric acid, chives, thyme, oregano.

Contains milk