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Save Big With Our Chocoholics Deal of the Day. Today Only!

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As the saying goes, these recipes include everything "from soup to nuts," including soups, salads, breakfast, and dessert. This diverse collection includes chicken recipes (try our crockpot chicken recipes), easy dinner recipes, and a perfect chocolate cake recipe. These recipes span the globe, including recipes from nearly every continent and region, from curries to stir-fry. This collection of recipes also includes all cooking methods - from baking to grilling.

All Recipes

591 Recipes
  • Romesco Sauce

    Toasted almonds give this roasted tomato and pepper sauce a nutty creaminess that pairs well with steak, pork chops, and grilled vegetables.

  • Negroni Spagliato

    "Spagliato" might mean "mistaken" in Italian, but adding a fruity, floral splash of Orange Flower Water to this chic cocktail is definitely the rig...

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  • 40-Minute Pho

    Enjoy delicious homemade pho faster by simmering caramelized aromatics with flavorful, whole spices.

  • Cherry Almond Haricot Verts

    Gorgeous Grey Sea Salt balances the sweet cherry and almond flavors in this classic French side.

  • Instant Pot Peach Yogurt

    Why bother making your own yogurt? It’s naturally sweeter without all the added sugar, you can control how tangy it is, and it’s cost-effective. Do...

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  • Instant Pot Rose Applesauce

    Dried fruit helps absorb excess water and adds extra flavor and color to this easy applesauce.

  • Instant Pot Refried Beans

    No soaking required for these creamy, flavorful beans that make a great side and a delicious dip!

  • Chipotle Red Bell Ranch

    Creamy, spicy, tangy—this ranch is the star of any Southwestern salad or Tex-Mex meal.

  • Orange Chicken

    Turn one takeout favorite into another by adding sweet orange flavor to our Bourbon Chicken Spice 'n Easy!

  • Gluten-Free Fresh Chive Pasta

    Gluten-free does not mean you have to live without fresh pasta! Try this quick recipe and pair it with a creamy asparagus sauce.

  • Herbed Fish and Fennel en Papillote

    The classic French cooking method of wrapping fish and vegetables in a parchment packet gets flavor from a blend of dried vegetables, citrus, and m...

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  • Matar Paneer

    Freshly made paneer cheese and sweet peas add delicious textural and flavor contrasts to a rich curry sauce.

  • Hot Wing Chile Glaze

    A sweet, sticky sauce perfect for glazing crispy chicken wings. Make it as mild or spicy hot as you like!

  • Pork Belly Spring Rolls with Creamy Coconut Dipping Sauce

    A simple make-ahead meal that features fresh-cut fruit and veggies alongside succulent, sweet-spiced pork belly.

  • Vegan Bacon Sauce

    Smoked paprika gives this quick and easy condiment the smoky bacon flavor you crave.

  • Rose Harissa

    A sprinkling of rose petals and a splash of rose water give this spicy North African condiment a touch of floral sweetness.

  • Hollandaise

    The most luscious of the French mother sauces, made with egg yolks and butter. While it's classically a key component of eggs Benedict, it's delici...

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  • Sauce Tomat

    As one of the classic French mother sauces, this tomato sauce is easily adaptable for a variety of dishes. Add your spin to make it your own!

  • Deviled Egg Dip

    Who wants to painstakingly peel, halve, and refill a dozen deviled eggs? Be the hit of any get-together with this delicious dip or use it as egg sa...

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  • Smoked Maple Caramels

    Welcome to caramel heaven. These soft, chewy caramels are irresistible with the perfect balance of smoke, sweet maple, and mineral black lava sea s...

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  • Black Dust Red Eye Ham

    A classic Southern dish gets a modern barbecue twist with coffee-forward Black Dust Barbecue Sauce.

  • Root Beer Lime Instant Pot Short Ribs

    Braising these sweet and sour ribs in a pressure cooker ensures they come out tender and succulent every time.