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Save Big With Our Chocoholics Deal of the Day. Today Only!

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As the saying goes, these recipes include everything "from soup to nuts," including soups, salads, breakfast, and dessert. This diverse collection includes chicken recipes (try our crockpot chicken recipes), easy dinner recipes, and a perfect chocolate cake recipe. These recipes span the globe, including recipes from nearly every continent and region, from curries to stir-fry. This collection of recipes also includes all cooking methods - from baking to grilling.

All Recipes

591 Recipes
  • Tandoori Marinated Grilled Chicken & Sauce

    This is a tasty, family-friendly recipe. The longer you can let the chicken marinate, the better.

  • Rogan Josh - Red Lamb Stew

    This quick stovetop stew makes an easy weeknight meal that will impress your curry-loving friends and family.

  • Pomegranate and Barrier Reef Glazed Salmon

    Salmon with a perfectly balanced sweet and sour glaze that is great for an elevated weeknight meal.

  • Pearl Street Cedar Plank Salmon

    Salmon gets an upgrade with sweet and smoky Pearl St. Plank Salmon Rub and a hint of wood smoke from a Cedar Grilling Plank.

  • Peach Chile Chicken with Black Garlic

    A quick-to-prepare marinated chicken and sauce that balances chile heat and fruity sweetness.

  • Maple Garam Masala Glazed Ham

    This glazed ham is so easy, there's no need to wait for a special holiday to make it. Serve it with roasted sweet potatoes and braised kale for a w...

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  • Jamaican Jerk Burgers

    If you like the flavors of jerk chicken, you've gotta try these burgers.

  • Chicken Fajita & White Bean Chili

    An easy cold-weather chili that you don't have to simmer for hours.

  • Grilled Pinchitos with Yogurt Lime Dipping Sauce

    "Pinchitos" are Spanish for "kebabs" and are often served tapas-style in Spain. Our Southern Spain Pinchito Spice adds a Spanish-influenced curry f...

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  • Family Style Fajitas

    A quick and simple recipe for a weeknight family dinner. Keep it simple or set up a "fajita bar" with all your favorite toppings!

  • Cochinita Pibil Tacos

    We gave this traditionally Mexican dish a Peruvian chile twist and adapted it to the slow cooker. The result? A rich, tender pulled pork that is ba...

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  • Caramelized Coffee Spiced Chicken

    Warm spices and coffee complement the sweet marinade for this chicken.

  • Cambodian Lemongrass Chicken Curry

    An easy Southeast Asian dish that balances spicy curry with creamy coconut milk.