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Don't Miss This Popcorn Premiere! Try Our Newest Spice Set Of Three Popcorn Seasonings
Don't Miss This Popcorn Premiere! Try Our Newest Spice Set Of Three Popcorn Seasonings

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  • Spring Tarragon Shallot Asparagus

    Simple and yummy side dish to go with chicken, pork, or beef.

  • Sweet Potato Cider Bisque

    Our classic Poultry Seasoning adds a familiar flavor to this sweet-spiced, creamy soup.

  • Vanilla & Curry Spiced Caramel Popcorn

    Sweet popcorn with warm spices makes great holiday gift bags!

  • Vindaloo Spiced Candied Fruit & Nuts

    A sweet and warm mix of pecans, dried orange, and cranberries

  • Chai Caramel Sauce

    A super simple and delicious chai sauce, perfect to top ice cream, angel food cake, or mix with cream soda for a chai twist!

  • Chai Tea

    Skip the coffee shop and treat yourself to a warm mug of sweet-spiced nostalgia.

  • Simple Syrup: Herbes de Provence

    A simple syrup with herbal and floral notes to be used in a variety of cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks!

  • Simple Syrup: Allspice-Bay

    Great to pair with fruity flavors in cocktails and vinaigrettes!

  • Simple Syrup: Vanilla Bean-Grenadine

    Deliciously balanced flavors of pomegranate, orange, and vanilla that is great in drinks or baked goods.

  • Salted Maple Sugar Shortbread

    Simple and delicious cookies that are perfect accompaniments to coffee or tea.

  • Tarragon Sweet Potato Steak “Fries”

    Sweet potatoes wedges, upgraded with flavors of tarragon and shallot.

  • Sage & Savory Croutons

    Super easy croutons that you can make yourself!

  • Nantucket Lemon Dip

    Tangy and tasty, this dip is great with turkey meatballs or as a dip for chips and veggies.

  • Nantucket Turkey Meatballs

    One of our favorite roast turkey rubs is perfect as a ground turkey seasoning as well. The salt, herb, and citrus notes of our Nantucket spice blen...

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  • Chocolate-Hazelnut Syrup

    A great syrup for coffee and ice cream!

  • Sweet & Spicy Shortbread Cookies

    This simple shortbread thumbprint gets just a kick of heat by adding ground chiles to the jelly that dots the middle of the cookie. Ground lime lea...

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  • Pfefferneuse Cookies

    Little Danish spice cookies made with coconut, nuts, and dates.

  • Chai Pound Cake

    If there is a more perfect tea cake than this, we haven't found it.

  • Corned Beef

    Making corned beef is super easy, it just takes some time in the fridge to cure. Start this recipe a couple of weeks before St. Patrick's Day and y...

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  • Irish Soda Bread

    A quick and easy Irish bread with both sweet and savory options. Either way, you get a deliciously moist and perfectly dense bread, ready for a gen...

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