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Apple Flavors

These spices pair perfectly with the sweet, tart flavors of apples. Because apples can be used in desserts and savory sides, salads and jellies, there is a wide range of spices that can complement apple flavors and dishes. Whether you need spices for apple pie or want a recipe for pork with apples, these spices and recipes will satisfy you to your core. Sweet baking spices, complex rubs, and herbal notes all accentuate the fresh fall flavors of apples.

Apple Flavors

13 Products
  • Spiced Apple Bake

    Dessert or side? You bake the call! This dish can be a sweet finish to a great meal – just add ice cream or coffee. It can also be the perfect si...

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  • Pumpkin Pie Spice from Savory Spice

    Pumpkin Pie Spice

    If you have a baker in the family, this versatile Pumpkin Pie Spice baking blend is a must. Use about 3 tsp. per 9-inch pumpkin pie for incredible ...

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  • Park Hill Maple & Spice from Savory Spice

    Park Hill Maple & Spice

    The beautiful tree-lined streets of Denver's Park Hill take you back to the neighborhoods of old. This salt-free seasoning’s main ingredient is an ...

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  • Supreme Saigon Cinnamon from Savory Spice

    Ground Supreme Saigon Cinnamon

    Our Organically Sourced Saigon Cinnamon has consistently been our most popular cinnamon and in part it’s because our customers seek out bold cinnam...

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  • Ground Ginger (Organically Sourced) from Savory Spice

    Ground Ginger (Organically Sourced)

    Ginger is native to Southeast Asia and is now also cultivated in Africa, Australia, and Jamaica. Ginger was introduced to Europe and the Middle Eas...

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  • Mt. Baker Chai Seasoning from Savory Spice

    Mt. Baker Chai Seasoning

    Adding a teaspoon or two of our Mt. Baker Chai spice seasoning to dessert recipes will take their flavor to new heights. Try in cakes, ice cream, m...

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  • Grains of Paradise from Savory Spice

    Grains of Paradise

    Grains of Paradise is native to the coast of West Africa, stretching from Liberia to Nigeria. Also known as Alligator pepper, Atar, baking pepper, ...

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  • Spiced Vanilla Bean Sugar from Savory Spice

    Spiced Vanilla Bean Sugar

    Using our Vanilla Bean Sugar as a base, we add sweet spices for an aromatic, sweet take on this favorite. Use in place of plain white sugar to add ...

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  • Bottle of Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract from Savory Spice

    Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract

    “Isn’t vanilla extract from Mexico supposed to be the best?” We are asked this question all the time in the shop. Like anything, it is a matter of ...

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  • Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract

    Madagascar Vanilla Extract is the classic, smooth vanilla flavor that immediately comes to mind when people think of vanilla. As with all our vanil...

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  • Jar of Cracked Rosemary (Organically Sourced) from Savory Spice

    Cracked Rosemary (Organically Sourced)

    Rosemary is an herb from the mint family and is the pine needle-like one-inch leaves off of a small evergreen shrub. It is native to the Mediterran...

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  • Vadouvan Seasoning from Savory Spice


    Thought to have been the result of French colonial influence in India, this seasoning is a version of a masala with the addition of traditionally F...

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  • Mild Yellow Curry Powder (Salt Free) from Savory Spice

    Mild Yellow Curry Powder

    This mild yellow curry is a full flavored blend without any heat. Curry powder is intended to emphasize the ingredients of a dish, not overwhelm.  ...

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