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Save 15% on Mexican Street Corn Seasoning This Weekend With Code CORN15

Breakfast Recipes

Start your day with these inspired breakfast recipes featuring Savory Spice products.
4 Recipes
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  • Steak and Potato Crusted Quiche

    Dinner for breakfast or breakfast for dinner? How about both? This protein-packed, veggie-filled quiche is perfect for any meal.

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  • Lemon Lavender Scones

    Infused with invigorating lemon and soothing lavender, these melt-in-your-mouth scones are a mood-boosting treat.

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  • Golden Saffron French Toast Casserole

    Level up your weekend brunch with this sweet, golden French toast casserole. Serve with fresh fruit and whipped cream for a fine dining brunch expe...

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  • Lindsay’s Luscious Quiche

    A scratch-made quiche will impress any brunch guest and the flavor will totally wow them!

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