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Save 15% on Mexican Street Corn Seasoning This Weekend With Code CORN15

Extracts & Flavorings for Baking & Cooking

These quality extracts are the best flavorings and extracts for baking and cooking. These baking extracts are bake-proof and freeze-proof to maintain maximum flavor. Find your favorite extract, from hazelnut and butterscotch to lemon and lavender extract, as well as classic pure vanilla extracts for baking.

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  • Rose Water

    Have you ever tried using Rose Water for baking? Culinary rose water is similar to rose extract, except less concentrated. Rose water flavor is com...

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  • Liquid Tamarind Paste Concentrate

    Our Liquid Tamarind Paste Concentrate has been created for ease of use. It cuts down on prep time because you don’t have to soak and strain the tam...

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More Information

What are the best extracts for baking?

Good vanilla extract is the best for baking recipes. Our variety of vanilla has some of the best pure vanillas to choose from: Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract, Pure Tahitian Vanilla Extract and Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract. We also have a double fold vanilla extract with 2 times the sweetness, 2X Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract

What are the best extracts for drinks?

Lavender, orange, lemon and cherry extracts are best for a variety of different beverages. For coffee, try Hazelnut Extract, or use Lavender Extract to make a lavender simple syrup for your iced latte. Infuse your iced tea or cocktail with Orange Extract, or add Cherry Extract to your favorite sparkling water or cola. 

What extracts can I use for cooking?

Extracts can also be used when cooking savory dishes. Liquid Tamarind Paste Concentrate is great with poultry, seafood and rice dishes. Natural Coconut Extract can be added to curries, while Pure Almond Extract is used in Middle Eastern stew and curry recipes. 

What is pure vanilla extract?

Pure Vanilla Extracts must be at least 30% alcohol and use only vanilla beans in the flavoring. Our variety of pure vanilla extracts include Pure Madagascar Vanilla, Pure Tahitian Vanilla, Pure Mexican Vanilla and 2X Pure Madagascar Vanilla. 

What's the difference between pure extract & imitation flavoring?

For an extract to be pure, it must contain vanilla beans, water and at least 30% alcohol. In imitation extracts, other ingredients are added to the combo of water, vanilla beans, and alcohol, which doesn't have to be a certain percentage.