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Summer Flash Sale! Get 20% Off Sitewide With Code FLASH20

Garlic Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoning

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This pickle popcorn seasoning is absolutely dill-lightful!

Garlic Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoning is both bold & dramatic in pickle and garlic flavor. This thrilling dill pickle seasoning is sure to be an instant classic and pickle fan favorite, as its taste is reminiscent of a juicy dill pickle.

To enjoy even more flavors and seasonings for popcorn, try our Popcorn Premiere Spice Set, a trio of three different popcorn seasonings, including this dill flavored popcorn seasoning.

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Garlic Dill Pickle Popcorn Seasoning Q&A

What is dill pickle popcorn?

Dill pickle popcorn is popcorn that's likely been seasoned or flavored with dill pickle seasoning, like our Garlic Dill Pickle seasoning.

What is in dill pickle popcorn seasoning?

Dill pickle popcorn seasoning contains salt, dill weed, dill seeds, vinegar and pepper... ours adds a garlic kick with the addition of garlic powder.

What does dill pickle popcorn seasoning taste like?

Dill pickle popcorn seasoning tastes just like it sounds: pickles & popcorn. It's salty, vinegary and a bit briny in flavor, and ours has garlic!

How to make dill pickle popcorn?

To make dill pickle popcorn: cook or microwave popcorn, toss in unsalted butter, then season generously with garlic dill pickle popcorn seasoning and toss again!

Dietary Information



Gluten Free






Popcorn salt (salt, tricalcium phosphate), dill seed, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, dill weed, vinegar, garlic, citric acid, Honey Powder (honey, refinery syrup), cayenne, black pepper.