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Saffron Salt Is Back For February | Free Shipping Now At $49
Saffron Salt Is Back For February | Free Shipping Now At $49

Salt and Pepper

Shop high-quality salt and freshly ground black pepper. From pink Himalayan to flavorful smoked and truffle salt. We have a variety of grinds of black pepper and more.

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Why do salt and pepper go well together?

Salt is a seasoning, and pepper is a spice! Salt is mostly a flavor enhancer, while pepper adds more levels of flavor. Pepper contains piperine, which has a mild heat, as well as many flavor notes ranging from earthy to citrusy and floral. Together, they create a burst of flavor that can be added to most recipes! Salt & pepper is a must-have in the pantry. 

What is the best salt and pepper combo?

The best salt & pepper combos will be a blend of both that makes it easy to add salt and pepper to any dish. Our Salt & Pepper Tableside Seasoning is great both in cooking or to season a finished dish. And our newest smoked S&P blend, Black Label Reserve Smoked Salt & Pepper, is a sophisticated way to add subtle smoke flavor to any dish.

Why is black pepper better freshly ground?

Freshly ground black pepper tastes better because when freshly ground (whether bought freshly ground or ground in a pepper mill), it gives a spicier, fresher pepper flavor. Ground pepper that's not as fresh can start to lose its spice and flavor over time. If you're more of a peppercorns in a grinder person, try our Black Tellicherry Peppercorns or Black Malabar Peppercorns in your mill. If you want to keep freshly ground pepper on hand, we recommend Fine Black Malabar Pepper – or for a different pepper flavor, Fine White Sarawak Pepper.

How do I find good quality sea salt?

Sea salt is high quality when its moist, high in mineral content and bold in color. Some of our higher quality sea salts are our Coarse Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, and our Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt, which blends sea salt with highly prized black truffles imported from Italy. French Fleur de Sel is our highest quality sea salt, and is fantastic for finishing. 

Can sea salt be used in place of kosher salt?

Our high-quality sea salts are not necessarily kosher, but can be used in place of kosher salt when cooking. Sea salt comes from the sea and is more coarse (unless finely ground), where as kosher salt has larger grains that cling to food, and is often used to draw the blood out of the meat and dissolves a bit better than regular sea salt.