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Sliced Toasted Onion

Dried Onion - Sliced Toasted Onion from Savory Spice
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Net 6 oz
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Sliced Toasted Onion Details

Garlic & Onion

Our dehydrated, toasted white onions are made by heating white onions until they turn golden brown, giving them a sautéed flavor. You can use these toasted onions in place of white onions in any recipe for a milder, less pungent flavor. Try these as-is in soups, stews or meatloaf.

The kitchen, reasonably enough, was the scene of my first gastronomic adventure. I was on all fours. I crawled into the vegetable bin, settled on a giant onion and ate it, skin and all. It must have marked me for life, for I have never ceased to love the hearty flavor of raw onions.” - James Beard (1903-1985)

About 5 tsp. dried white onion will yield ¼ cup re-hydrated onion. Use these in a pinch or for everyday use. The flavor is so good nobody will be the wiser and you will save plenty of time and avoid all the mess of slicing onions.

Sliced Toasted Onion Nutrition

Nutritional Information
Black Pepper-Free

Sliced Toasted Onion Flavor

These dehydrated, toasted white onions have a sauteed flavor that is milder and less pungent than fresh white onion.

Sliced Toasted Onion Uses

Add to any savory dish. Try as is in soups, stews, and meatloaf. To reconstitute, soak in water for 15-20 mins. Drain any excess liquid before use. About 5 t dried white onion will yield 1/4 cup re-hydrated onion.

Sliced Toasted Onion Recipe

For 4-5 T of mix: Blend 3 T dried toasted sliced onion with 2 t dried parsley, 1 t turmeric, 1/2 t kosher salt and sugar, and 1/4 t dried garlic and pepper

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