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Achiote paste, also known as bija or bijol in Spanish, adds an authentic flavor and bright yellow color to the cuisine of Cuba, Mexico and Central America. This paste contains annatto seed, garlic, vinegar, iodized salt and spices.

Annatto seed, garlic, vinegar, iodized salt and spices.

This paste is great for adding a salty, bittersweet, yet tangy flavor to beef, chicken, fish, lamb and pork.

Achiote paste is used in Cuba, Mexico and Central America.
"I have been ordering from the Franklin location for a while now and the quality of the products is outstanding. I especially appreciate their unique combinations not found elsewhere, such as the Georgia Peach Spice. Products are always packaged well, delivered quickly, and the customer service is the best. Everyone is very knowledgeable and they have made some excellent suggestions in regard to quantities to order, blends, etc. Thank you for helping to elevate my cooking, baking and grilling!"
- - Tyree Schroader of Nashville TN