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Pure Almond Extract (Organically Sourced)

Almond Extract, Pure, Organic

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4.5 floz Bottle - $8.45
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9 floz Bottle - $13.45
(Per Ounce Cost: $1.49)


There are two types of almonds, sweet and bitter. The sweet almonds have a delicate, slightly sweet flavor and the bitter have a much stronger flavor and contain small traces of lethal prussic acid when raw. Bitter almonds must be heated to destroy the acid’s toxicity.

Our extract is made with the maximum amount of pure bitter almond oil, which has already been heated to destroy toxcicity. As a result, our product tastes better and is stronger than most. Use this extract to flavor cookies, breads and other baked goods. In the Middle East, almond extract is used to flavor meat stews, rice pudding and some mild curries.

Check out our Examining Extracts feature article for more information about the different types of extracts and how extracts are made.

What is Organically Sourced?

Products with the "Organically Sourced" designation have been grown and cleaned organically. Once these products are received by our warehouse in Denver and opened to be repackaged into Savory Spice jars, they no longer qualify as organically certified, but the methods for producing them are in line with organic standards. Products that are Organically Sourced will include "ORG-S" on the front of the label.

Nutritional Information
Organically Sourced
Black Pepper-Free

Organic alcohol, water and oil of bitter almond. This product is gluten-free and does not contain any added sugar.

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