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Pure Lemon Extract (Organically Sourced)

Lemon Extract, Pure, (Organically Sourced)

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Pure Lemon Extract (Organically Sourced) Details


Savory's pure lemon extract smells like a fresh picked lemon and has a clean, fruity flavor. It tastes so good because only the very best pure lemon oil from California is used.

Try using it in custards, pound cakes, pies, cookies, meringues, lemon chiffon cake or cheesecakes. You can also use it to fortify drinks such as lemon margaritas or daiquiris. You can use this extract to replace lemon zest in any recipe; 1/4 tsp. extract = 2 tsp. of zest.

Check out our Examining Extracts feature article for more information about the different types of extracts and how extracts are made.

What is Organically Sourced?

Products with the "Organically Sourced" designation have been grown and cleaned organically. Once these products are received by our warehouse in Denver and opened to be repackaged into Savory Spice jars, they no longer qualify as organically certified, but the methods for producing them are in line with organic standards. Products that are Organically Sourced will include "ORG-S" on the front of the label.

Organically Sourced

Pure Lemon Extract (Organically Sourced) Nutrition

Nutritional Information
Organically Sourced
Black Pepper-Free

Pure Lemon Extract (Organically Sourced) Ingredients

Organic alcohol, water, and organic lemon oil. This product is gluten-free and does not contain any added sugar.

Pure Lemon Extract (Organically Sourced) Flavor

This extract is clean and fruity with the aroma of a fresh picked lemon and pairs well with rosemary, ginger, and lavender.

Pure Lemon Extract (Organically Sourced) Uses

Flavor custards, cakes, pies, cookies, meringues, and lemon chiffon. Fortify drinks like margaritas and daiquiris. Use 1/4 t to replace 2 t lemon zest.

Pure Lemon Extract (Organically Sourced) Reviews