The Right Fit for These Trying Economic Times

According to the Spice and Extract Manufacturing Industry Report, the industry's wholesale revenue is more than $6.7 Billion! With the growing trends in home cooking and an increasing number of more flavor-adventurous consumers, the retail sale of spices is predicted to cross the $3 billion mark and soon reach nearly $4 billion dollars! These trends are being enhanced with the “dine-in at home” mentality of these trying economic times. With such a high demand for spices in the United States, Savory Spice Shop was created to provide customers with nearly every spice desired in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that has them continuously coming back for more.

With such a demand for spices in the U.S., Savory Spice Shop is committed to providing convenient locations for customers to purchase their spices, extracts, sauce mixes, and all they need to create delicious, flavorful dishes of their own.

A Customer Experience Second to None

With a commitment to freshness and with customers as our number one priority, Savory Spice Shop encourages tasting and smelling as part of the purchasing process, to allow customers to get to know their spices and experience every unique aroma. We also offer original blends developed exclusively by and for us, to further entice customers to experience the wide selection of spices and extracts offered. We then hand package all of our products in customer friendly quantities to ensure that all of our customers are able to buy the amount that’s just right for them.

Fresh-Ground Opportunity?

What makes us special to our customers is the unique sensory shopping experience we create, and the ultimate in freshness, flavor, and variety we offer. What makes us great for potential franchise owners like you is the unmatched experience and opportunity we make available. From our gift boxes which are perfect for the holidays, to pre-ground, pre-blended spices and blends in bulk, you will have access to the Savory Spice Shop product lines to provide to customers in your territory. Additionally, you benefit from our processes, packaging, and distribution expertise. From mail orders and telephone orders, to in-store shopping, Savory Spice Shop means multiple potential revenue streams in a market niche rich with growth possibilities.