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Use simple add-ins for better condiments! Ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard are the three quintessential condiments that nearly everyone has in their fridge door, and for good reason.


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Ketchup can lend bright and sweet acidity to heavier fried foods and meats, mayonnaise provides creaminess with a touch of tang, and the countless varieties of mustards can add flavors ranging from piquant heat to zesty sweetness. But while the classics are tasty as is, they can get a little boring.

Luckily, by adding one of your favorite Savory Spice seasonings, you can whip up an impressive complement to burgers, fries, sandwiches, and beyond. Plus, it provides a great opportunity to try spices and flavors that you may not otherwise know how to use. The seasonings listed below are just the beginning to the endless pairings that are possible. So start exploring and let us know what your favorite is!

Our Test Kitchen Assistant Ashlee Redger, a recent graduate of Johnson & Wales, is here with condiment ideas that are ideal for your summer grilling favorites.

Chile Ketchup


Warm spices pair extremely well with traditional tomato ketchup. Try making Chile Ketchup with Lodo Red Adobo or Mapuche Style Merkén Seasoning. Piri-Piri Style Spice is another great choice for adding some heat. For a different type of warmth, the blend of cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and paprika in our Tikka Masala makes for tasty curry-style ketchup.

Nutmeg and allspice flavor our Jamaican Jerk Seasoning and when mixed with ketchup, it can easily elevate the flavors of burgers and game meats. With hints of hickory smoke and mustard seeds, a Long’s Peak Pork Chop Spice ketchup is reminiscent of barbecue sauce and can be served with anything off of the grill.

How To: Try any of these seasoning recommendations or choose your own seasoning, using a ratio of 1 to 2 Tbsp. to every cup of regular ketchup.


Cuban Island Sandwich Spread

The mildness of mayo makes it the perfect canvas for spices. Add in Bleu Cheese Dip & Dressing and spread on a sandwich with sliced chicken or roast beef. Use Onion & Garlic Tableside Sprinkle and vegan mayonnaise to make a mock aioli for veggie burgers or French fries. The balanced Caribbean flavors of Bajan Seasoning or the citrusy punch of Hidden Cove Lemon Garlic Blend mixed into mayo make the perfect accompanying dip for homemade fish and chips.

How To: Like ketchup, 1 cup mayonnaise should be mixed with 1 to 2 Tbsp. seasoning, depending on how strong you want the flavor.


While ketchup and mayonnaise are both easy to match with a multitude of flavors, our Savory Spice Test Kitchen recipe tests revealed that mustard can be a little more selective. Sweeter blends like Brown Sugar & Spice Honey Ham Rub and Park Hill Maple & Spice Pepper pair especially well with Dijon and yellow mustard, respectively. Lavender, garlic, and sage-filled Bohemian Forest European Seasoning can add a touch of “gourmet” to mustard destined for sandwiches or potato wedges.

Like ketchup, curry pairs well with either yellow or Dijon—in fact, Vadouvan-spiced mustard was a total hit with our taste-testers. The favorite condiment pairing of all though? Cuban Island Spice. Mixed with mustard, it makes an awesome French fry dip. Stir it into equal parts mustard and mayonnaise and you’ll have a seriously tasty sandwich spread. Add it to toasted bread and top with ham, chicken, and pickles to get a deli-style “Cubano.”

How To: To get the most out of your spiced mustard, increase your ratio to 2 to 3 Tbsp. seasoning per 1 cup mustard and let the mixture chill for at least 30 minutes to let the flavors fully develop.

Do you have a favorite recipe that uses Savory spices? Submit your recipes to our test kitchen and we’ll review them for possible publication on our website.

Comments on this Article

(guest), on June 09, 2017

I loved your noted additions for condiments. I am trying to find a way to add a balsamic vinegar vibe to my catsup. I tried simply using some vinegar poured into some catsup...but I didn't like consistency or the aftertaste...ANY IDEAS?

(guest), on June 09, 2017

How about using the white balsamic vinegar powder?

(guest), on June 09, 2017

This is the most useful article I've seen on this site. I LOVE doing this already with my spice blends, and I'm excited to switch it up! I personally LOVE Smokey ketchup so I always add Red Rocks and a touch of sriracha because I love everything spicy. I use with reduced sodium ketchup or it can get salty!
I'm coming to the store today to try these. So excited!!

(guest), on June 09, 2017

Great suggestions for my condiments. Will start mixing it up more (sometimes do already) but definitely trying the bohemian mustard idea today.

suzykklein (registered user) on June 09, 2017

I second the idea of trying our White Balsamic Vinegar Powder mixed into ketchup ( You'll get some of that balsamic flavor without extra liquid added to the ketchup.

(guest), on June 11, 2017

These are all good suggestions. I especially appreciated that you included a tip for vegan mayo and veggie burgers.

(guest), on July 11, 2017

Hello, I did not know whether anyone noticed, but the first link for the Chile Ketchup Recipe does not work. However, the link under the photo does work.

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