Dynamic Duo: Burgers & Fries

8 Jar Set

Dynamic Duo: Burgers & Fries
Dynamic Duo: Burgers & Fries
Dynamic Duo: Burgers & Fries
Dynamic Duo: Burgers & Fries
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1/2 Cup Jars


Sometimes nothing but a juicy burger and heaping pile of fries will do. And when the craving hits, you'll be ready with this set. Give that burger a subtle coffee-spiced note with Black Dust or add a dash of BBQ-inspired flavor with Georgia Boys. Then step up your fry game with additions like indulgent Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt and spicy Ghost Pepper Salt. With these seasonings, you can skip the drive-thru and head straight home for unbeatable burger and fry flavors.

This spice set contains the following products in 1/2 cup glass jars:

Black Dust Cowboy Coffee Rub

Wash Park All-Purpose Seasoning

Hudson Bay Beef Spice

Georgia Boys All-Purpose BBQ Rub

Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt - 1oz Bag in 1/2 Cup Jar

Salt & Pepper Tableside Seasoning

Ghost Pepper Salt

Mt. Elbert All-Purpose Seasoning


Black Dust Cowboy Coffee Rub: Coffee, black pepper, cumin, Alderwood smoked salt, brown sugar, cocoa, mustard, coriander, chipotle

Wash Park All-Purpose Seasoning: Black pepper, sugar, garlic, salt, red and green bell peppers, shallots, parsley, chervil, spices, onion, turmeric, lemon peel, arrowroot

Hudson Bay Beef Spice: Sea salt, black pepper, white pepper, garlic, onion, coriander, caraway, rosemary, thyme

Georgia Boys All-Purpose BBQ Rub: Brown sugar, white sugar, Alderwood smoked sea salt, kosher salt, onion, smoked Spanish sweet paprika, black pepper, mustard powder, chiles, garlic, Mild Chili Powder, French thyme, celery seeds

Salt & Pepper Tableside Seasoning: Kosher salt, coarse black pepper

Ghost Pepper Salt : Kosher salt, naturally flavored chocolate extract (propylene glycol, water, alcohol and natural flavor), ghost peppers

Mt. Elbert All-Purpose Seasoning: Salt, toasted onion, black pepper, red bell peppers, garlic, French thyme, Greek oregano

Dynamic Duo: Burgers & Fries Recipe


1 lb. ground beef
2 Tbsp. Black Dust Cowboy Coffee Rub
Salt, to season
4 burger buns
Optional toppings: sliced cheddar cheese,lettuce, tomatoes, onion, etc.


Preheat grill. Using your hands, mix beef with seasoning until evenly distributed. Form into 4 patties, sprinkle with salt to season, and grill for 5 to 6 min. per side, or until cooked to desired doneness. Add cheese (if using) during the last few minutes of cooking to melt. Set burgers aside and place hamburger buns, cut-side down, on the grill to toast. Serve burgers with toppings of choice.

SERVING SUGGUSTIONS: Try with our Spiced Mayonnaise, made with Whiskey Barrel Smoked Pepper or your favorite seasoning. (Visit savoryspiceshop.com for this recipe.)

YIELDS: 4 servings

THANKS TO: Savory Spice Test Kitchen

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