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Green Mysore Peppercorn

Green Peppercorns from Savory Spice

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Green Mysore Peppercorn Details

Salt & Pepper

These green peppercorns from Mysore, India are true peppercorns that evolve from the plant family Piperaceae. A product of the black peppercorn, these are the unripe berries of the same vine that are picked before matured.

In Elizabethan times, pepper was sold by the individual grain and guards on the London docks had their pockets sewn up so they couldn’t steal any.

Green peppercorns are the spiciest of all the peppercorns. They produce an immediate hot sensation that lingers for quite some time but is clean and fresh. You can use green peppercorns in place of black or white ones if you desire that extra kick.

Spice Map - India
Our green peppercorns are from Mysore, India.

Green Mysore Peppercorn Nutrition

Nutritional Information

Green Mysore Peppercorn Flavor

The spiciest of all peppercorns, these have a clean, fresh, lingering heat and pair well with most herbs and spices.

Green Mysore Peppercorn Uses

Replace black pepper to add zest and heat. Grind in a peppermill. Add whole to stocks, stews, soups, and marinades. Try in both sweet and savory dishes.

Green Mysore Peppercorn Recipe

For 5 T of mix: Crack 1 T green peppercorns, white peppercorns, black peppercorns, and Szechwan peppercorns into an extra coarse powder and mix with 1 T kosher salt

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