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Bourbon Barrel Pepper, Herbes de Provence, Smoked Sweet Paprika

4floz Bottles

This item has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. We hope you can find something else on our site to make your recipes Savory!

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Black Pepper - 4 floz Bottle

These cracked peppercorns are slow smoked in a rotisserie style smoker. Wooden staves from barrels previously used to age bourbon are the fuel for the smoke which provides the black pepper with a pleasing, smoky aroma. Each pan of coarse black pepper is stirred regularly, ensuring that every flake is immersed in smoke. The hours of smoking impart a delicate "smoke and oak" flavor to the cracked pepper, reminiscent of the finest Kentucky bourbons.

Smoked Sweet Spanish Paprika - 4 floz Bottle

This popular ground pimenton’s true Spanish name is Pimenton De La Vera, dulce. These sweet red peppers, indigenous to Spain, are dried over an oak burning fire for weeks to produce a sweet, smoky flavor. The popularity of this paprika seems to be growing rapidly among chefs today and is used commonly in Spanish, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Herbes de Provence - 4 floz Bottle

This is a classic French blend originally created in the South of France. This blend has been a household name for hundreds of years and is a staple in daily cooking. It has been used on virtually every type of food and in every food preparation with great success. This is a salt-free blend consisting completely of herbs indigenous to France.

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