Taco & Fajita Night

Daily Deal

Taco & Fajita Night - Daily Deal
Taco & Fajita Night - Daily Deal
Taco & Fajita Night - Daily Deal
Taco & Fajita Night - Daily Deal
Daily Deal  

Daily Deal - $39.95
Specialty Set

Have a fiesta at home anytime with this set that's packed with everything you need for your favorite Mexican eats. Our Taco and Fajita seasonings are mild in heat and family-friendly. Get a little spicier with Chimayo Chorizo which you can use to make your own zesty sausage at home with ground pork or beef. Mix up homemade cheese dip in no time for nachos, and add a citrusy Makrut Lime kick to everything from margarita rims to guacamole.

This spice set contains the following products:

Taco Seasoning - 1 1/2 cup jar

Family Style Fajita Seasoning - 1 1/2 cup jar

Makrut Lime Sea Salt - 1/2 cup jar

Chimayo Chorizo Sausage Spice - 1/2 cup jar

Nacho Cheese Dip - 1 cup bag

Taco Seasoning: Masa Harina, salt, chiles, tomato powder, garlic, cumin, California paprika, onion, white sugar, Mexican oregano, allspice

Family Style Fajita Seasoning: Tomato powder, mixed bell peppers, Hungarian paprika, California paprika, salt, chiles, onion, cumin, Mexican oregano, black pepper, garlic

Makrut Lime Sea Salt: Sea salt, lime, makrut lime leaves

Chimayo Chorizo Sausage Spice: Chiles, salt, white sugar, Mexican oregano, cumin seeds, garlic, black pepper

Nacho Cheese Dip: Cheddar and parmesan (pasteurized milks, cheese culture, salt, enzymes, cream, sodium phosphate, annatto and lactic acid), mild chili powder, onion, minced green onion, mild green chile powder, tomato powder, garlic

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