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Saffron Salt Is Back For February | Free Shipping Now At $49
Saffron Salt Is Back For February | Free Shipping Now At $49
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Seasons of Spice: Winter Box

Celebrate the flavors of winter with this chef-curated spice collection. The seasonings in this season's box are culinary comforts, perfect for warm and hearty cold-weather meals!

Sunday Pot Roast Spice 'n Easy

Not just for the weekend anymore, this recipe mix is made for a slow-cooker or crockpot, so go about your day and come home to a hearty family favorite!

Serve this classic comfort food with mashed potatoes and carrots. Perfect for a warm dinner, the leftovers make a great sack lunch sandwich.

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Pike & Pine St. Protein Rub

An homage to Seattle’s history, this trendy rub is balanced by a touch of bold coffee. Try it when grilling just about anything. It's also great on eggs and a variety of salads.

Quick Uses: We call this a protein rub because it pairs with beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and tofu. Try it on veggies too!

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Buffalo Wing Dry Sauce

All of the flavors of a classic Buffalo sauce in a powdered seasoning, this opens up a whole new world of flavoring possibilities. Add a tangy kick to a variety of dishes without adding any liquid.

Quick Uses: Season eggs, sprinkle on french fries or popcorn. To convert into a Buffalo sauce, mix equal parts spice, oil, and water.

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Taco Seasoning

This classic mild-spiced seasoning is ideal for Tex-Mex favorites like tacos, nachos, burritos, enchiladas, and more. 

Quick Uses: For crowd-pleasing taco meat, brown one pound of ground beef, turkey, or chicken. Add 4 Tbsp. Taco Seasoning and 1 cup of water. Cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes to reduce to the desired thickness.

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BONUS: Black Label Reserve Smoked Salt & Pepper

Salt and pepper are cold-smoked over whiskey barrel staves and sweet hickory. This infused seasoning salt is the perfect way to elevate everyday dishes.

Quick Uses: Season chicken, steak, or root vegetables before roasting or grilling. Sprinkle on bruschetta, baked potatoes, soups, salads, and more.

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BONUS: Pure Maple Sugar

This tasty sweetener is made by drying maple syrup then grinding it into granules. Like our other sugars, you can use it to replace white sugar in both sweet and savory recipes for more flavorful results.

Quick Uses: Add to cookies and other baked goods as well as barbecue sauces or marinades. Sprinkle on fruit, pancakes, toast, and waffles. Use as a sweetener or for rimming winter cocktails and coffee.

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