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Today Only! Save Over 40% On Two Best Selling BBQ Sets | Free Shipping On Orders Over $59
Today Only! Save Over 40% On Two Best Selling BBQ Sets | Free Shipping On Orders Over $59

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A subscription will keep you stocked up on your favorites and ready to cook! Questions? Please check our FAQs.

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Sign in to your account, look for the "Subscribe & Save" button on your favorite seasonings (including Spice 'n Easy recipe mixes), then set your frequency.

Modify your subscription, skip a delivery, or cancel any time. Easy, step-by-step instructions are on our FAQ page.

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Forget the last minute spice run; we'll ship it to you on your schedule. Set the frequency that works best for you, from every two weeks to once every six months.

Plus, when you set up a subscription, you automatically save 10% every time it ships. Use code: Restock25 for 25% off your first order!

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Spice 'n Easy recipe mixes are perfect for your subscription. And if your family's tastes change, just add new items to your existing subscription.

Modify your subscription seasonally. Change your Taco Soup frequency to once every 6 months and your Huli Huli Chicken to every 2 weeks.

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332 Products
  • Whiskey Barrel Smoked Black Pepper

    These cracked peppercorns are slow smoked in-house at our facility in Denver, Colorado using oak staves from whiskey barrels for a pleasing, smoky ...

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  • Capitol Hill Seasoning

    Named after the bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver, Colorado, this seasoning is a longtime customer favorite. We don’t call it an all-pu...

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  • Onion & Garlic Tableside Sprinkle

    This salt-free blend of two kitchen staples is easy to use and always at the ready. Add the perfect blend of garlic and onion to any meal with just...

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  • California Basil

    This sweet California basil is widely considered the best-dried basil available mostly due to the advanced dehydration process. We carry two variet...

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  • Salt & Pepper Tableside Seasoning

    It may seem simple, but this salt & pepper blend is one of our customers' all-time favorites. It's a super convenient way to add the perfect ba...

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  • Ground Supreme Saigon Cinnamon

    Our Organically Sourced Saigon Cinnamon has consistently been our most popular cinnamon and in part it’s because our customers seek out bold cinnam...

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  • Park Hill Maple & Spice

    The beautiful tree-lined streets of Denver's Park Hill take you back to the neighborhoods of old. This salt-free seasoning’s main ingredient is an ...

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  • Taco Seasoning

    Our Taco Seasoning Mix is ideal for classic tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and more.  How much taco seasoning do I need for 1 pound of meat? 2 to 4 t...

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  • Roasted Granulated Garlic

    The roasting process adds an incomparable depth of flavor to this Granulated Garlic. It can replace traditional granulated garlic in any recipe.

  • Ground Ceylon "True" Cinnamon

    Native to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and still grown there today, this is the preferred cinnamon in England and Mexico. We refer to this as “true” cinnamon...

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  • Premium French Thyme

    Like many herbs, thyme is a member of the mint family and is closely related to marjoram, oregano, and basil. There are more than 100 varieties of ...

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  • Italian Herbs

    We have combined the best of the classic herbs used in the Italian kitchen and mixed them in the proper amounts to create this “magnifico” blend. T...

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