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Chicharron Salted Caramel Cookies

Recipe By Adapted from Bon Appetit by Ashlee Redger

Prep Time

10 Minutes

Cooking Time

12 Minutes

Recipe By Adapted from Bon Appetit by Ashlee Redger

These are your new favorite treats... Guaranteed. Sweet caramel and salty chicharron play perfectly against each other to make a cookie that is seriously yummy.

Recipe Notes

This recipe was adapted from Bon Appetit's Salty Chocolate Chunk Cookies


1 (11 oz.) package caramel squares

1.5 cups all-purpose flour

¾ tsp. baking soda

½ cups (1 stick) butter, softened

¾ cups brown sugar

¾ cups granulated sugar

2 eggs

Savory Spice ingredients in this recipe

  • The Original Chicharron Salt

    Chicharrones, also known as pork rinds or cracklings, are pork skins which have been fried into airy, crunchy pieces of deliciousness. We combined ...

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  • Natural Vanilla Extract

    It is our intention to always offer high-quality, pure vanilla extracts. However, rapidly increasing prices may have taken vanilla off the table fo...

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Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Unwrap all the caramel candies and cut into quarters; set aside. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, Chicharron Salt, and baking soda; set aside. In a separate bowl, using a stand or hand mixer, cream butter and sugars. Add vanilla and eggs, one at a time. Beat on high speed until mixture becomes pale and fluffy, about 2 to 3 min. Turn speed down to low and add in dry ingredients and caramel pieces. Mix until just combined. Cover and chill dough for at least 1 hour or up to 2 days.

Scoop rounded tablespoons of dough onto a greased or parchment-lined baking sheet, spaced about 1-inch apart. Sprinkle cookies generously with more Chicharron Salt. Bake for 10 to 12 min., rotating the sheets halfway through, until cookies are beginning to brown on the top. These cookies naturally spread so don't panic if your cookies come out flat! If baked until just starting to brown, they will remain soft. For crispier cookies, bake for 1 to 2 additional minutes. Let cookies cool and firm up on baking sheets, then transfer to wire racks to finish cooling. Enjoy warm or keep in an airtight container at room temperature.