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5 stars 8/5/18 BillGMoore@Yahoo.com from San Francisco, Ca
This recipe is similar to Bottarga, an Italian dried 'n smoked fish roe usually the egg sac of tuna or mullet. Sometimes hard to find, best bet, a well stocked Italian market-deli. It's on the pricey side. so this recipe is a simple easy way to get the flavor without the expense. This can be used in Fettuccini Alfredo and simple spaghetti with olive oil, a pinch of Parmesan cheese and sometimes a smidge of anchovy paste, if you like anchovies. Boun Appetito!
5 stars 7/30/18 anne@annegibson.com from Elgin, Arizona
Delicious and fun to mix up with different vegetables and fish. The 3 1/2 T of lemongrass was perfect ... and I add a bit more. I made the paste w/coconut milk (not water) as I'm coconutty! I also used Red Pepper infused olive oil.
5 stars 6/22/18 sbullen
I love how quick & easy this recipe is. It travels well too, so it's great for a picnic or weekday work/school lunches. It's adaptable too - I added halved cherry tomatoes and chopped cucumber!
5 stars 6/4/18 lsc803
This was really delicious. Not your typical cake. The cardamom balanced beautifully with the tangy fruit and sweet glaze to create a rich exotic flavor. We will make it again, particularly if we're entertaining and want to impress.
4 stars 6/4/18 5ammy
I have vpbeen looking for a recipe, because I really don’t like the canned one everyone says is the best. Blah! Tried this recipe, taking the suggestion of using the flour instead of cornstarch. The other reviewer is right, flour is always better. My SO can’t handle any heat, so I was a bit worried about the spice level. I tried an old trick of mine. Once the sauce was done, I cubed up 4 ounces of room temperature cream cheese and stirred that in. He was able to eat the sauce with no problem!