This recipe yields a silky-smooth, moist cake. The cake is not too sweet, which makes the vanilla frosting a perfect pairing. We highly recommend the optional addition of maple extract in the frosting and maple sugar for dusting the finished cake.



This recipe makes 2 (9- to 10-inch) Bundt cakes or round cakes for stacking. If using a round cake pan, make sure it has tall sides as the batter is thin and can overflow in a smaller cake pan.


For cakes: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix milk with lemon juice and set aside; after 10 min. this mixture curdles/thickens into the equivalent of buttermilk. Beat butter, sugar and vanilla bean paste with an electric mixer until evenly blended. Add eggs one at a time until combined. Combine dry ingredients in a separate bowl and gradually add to butter mixture until combined. Add milk/lemon mixture until combined. Gradually increase speed to high and beat for 3 min., stopping to scrape sides of bowl as needed. Pour batter into 2 greased Bundt or cake pans and bake for 35 to 40 min. or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool cakes completely before turning out and frosting.

For frosting: Beat butter, sugar, vanilla bean paste and maple extract (if using) with an electric mixer until evenly blended. Gradually add milk 1 Tbsp. at a time until desired consistency is reached. Less milk yields a spreadable frosting and more milk yields a pourable glaze. Frost cooled cakes and sprinkle with maple sugar (if using).


2 cakes

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5 stars 9/22/16 Yola
This is a great, easy, and reliable recipe. I was afraid that two cakes would be too much for us to handle unless I gave one of them away, but it turns out that this one keeps really well in a parchment-lined tin, and it's so delicious with coffee in the morning and as a snack in the afternoon, that it's gone before you know it! I have made this recipe several times now, and everyone who tries a slice compliments it.