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"I love Savory spices. We have had to drastically alter our family diet due to health issues and Savory has helped in this endeavor. I am trying even more spices and recipes than before and everything has been delicious, in part to your awesome spices. Love, love, love them."
-Pat M. of Black Forest, CO

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5 stars 10/7/17 RockbrookVillage
Served this dip on gingersnaps and we all loved it. Would definitely make again. Debbie - Omaha store owner
5 stars 10/4/17 Laura
We really loved this.Definitely comfort food, but with an exotic twist. And then the garnishes added an additional pop of flavor and were a nice fresh contrast. Very tasty and healthy dish with not too much effort.
5 stars 9/27/17 vmazzoni
Made this tonight. Have tried different versions and this is the BEST! The spices are amazing and make this dish superior to other hot fried chicken recipes we have made in the past. The only note would be that we monitored the oil temp and our tenders were done in 7 minutes. Will definitely make again. Highly recommend. Again, the spice mixture elevates this dish.
4 stars 9/25/17 BJmast
From a grandmother: Tried this recipe and wanted to comment to any beginners that plum jam is notorious for scorching ever for us pros. The technique used here helps control the tendency to scorch, but does not alleviate it. 1. Once you add in your solids to your juice, DO NOT STOP STIRRING. 2. If possible, use a silicone spatula-scraper to help keep your solids off your pan bottom. 3. This calls for a Dutch oven or a pan similar because you need a saucepan tall enough to keep splatter from burning you: plum jam likes to spit! Plus you want a saucepan wide enough to help evaporate the water, or you'll have to cook even longer, thus even more prone to scorching the jam. For this recipe I used Stanley plums, an Italian prune plum variety, straight from the farmer. Always if you possibly can, use farm fresh fruits when making jams, jellies and preserves. The jam required triple the Blade Mace, and half again as much Cardamon and lime, 1 tsp. more vanilla, and more lemon to taste the spices at all over the richness of my plums. However, I'd already macerated my fruit with 3 cups of sugar before seeing this recipe, so that might have been why, and I left out the vanilla sugar since I already had too much sugar. Gave it 4 stars because of the increased spices used and, even with the extra sugar used, it still only made just barely 4 8oz. jars both times I made it. (had to scrape the pan clean.) I might recommend stopping the cooking a tad before you get to the thickness of jam you want because this is a very long canning time and will cook the jam quite a bit more - maybe that's why I only got 4 jars.
5 stars 9/22/17 Wendy
I made this recipe for a church pot luck and everyone loved it. Half a jalapeno was just spicy enough for this crowd.