A hard-to-resist ice cream that balances salty and sweet flavors, as well as creamy and crunchy textures.



Combine brown sugar, maple syrup, cream, and 1/2 tsp. Chicharron Salt in a medium pot and over medium-high heat. Stir occasionally to dissolve sugar. Meanwhile, whisk together milk and eggs in a medium bowl until completely smooth. Once cream has come to a slight boil, temper egg mixture by slowly drizzling in all of the cream, whisking constantly. Return cream/egg mixture to the pot and stir constantly over medium heat until it has thickened slightly. The temperature of the liquid should reach 165 degrees. Pass ice cream base through a fine-meshed sieve to remove any lumps. Stir in extracts and cool completely in the refrigerator or in an ice bath before churning according to your ice cream maker's instructions. Fold in chopped pecans and pour into a quart-sized lidded container. Garnish the top with remaining Chicharron Salt and unchopped pecan halves (if using). Freeze until firm and enjoy!


About 1 quart

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